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Natural Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Cake

Christmas is by far the happiest and most exciting part of the year around the world. Family and friend reunions, music, food and of course decorations everywhere! Sweets play a big role in celebrating Christmas, and so does decorating them correctly. Christmas sweets can be anything from cookies and cupcakes to a gingerbread house or even a cake! Here are some great natural Christmas decoration ideas for you to use this year!

Fruit Decorations

Fruits are a great choice because when using them you have a wide range of colours and flavours to work with.

Some great options are pomegranate seeds, berries, or cherries. Most of the time the type of decoration used depends on the flavour of the cake. a popular Christmas cake is the black forest cake which uses cherries as the main decoration. Pomegranate seeds are a great choice too.  They can cover the top of the cake while they can also be sprinkled around the edges or the middle.

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Flower Decorations

are great at bringing out the colour and tone. While they come in hundreds of colours and shapes red or white ones are best for Christmas. Poinsettia is a Mexican flower which is popular for decorating Christmas sweets. The poinsettia can be on top of a cupcake as a design. Whereas for cakes it would look better all around the edges or as a bunch in the corner or on the middle of the cake. Another option could be rosebud which isn’t as red but still does the job.

Chocolate Decorations

White or normal chocolate not only adds a good flavour but also has a classic and rich look.

Chocolate can either be a single block on top of a cupcake or for a bigger look a whole or broken bar on top of a cake. For example a good treat to use chocolate when decorating is a red velvet cake or red velvet cupcakes.

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Other types of chocolates can be used too but white or plain milk chocolate are the classics.

Now that you have some natural Christmas decoration ideas it’s time to bring your imagination to life!

Most importantly, remember to have fun! A lot of it!