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orange blueberry cake with fresh berries for 16-22 people

Tempting, natural, lowered in sugar, zesty and rich in flavour

three layer chocolate cake with fresh strawberries for 16-22 people

Strawberry cream cheese buttercream mingled with Belgian chocolate

three layer gluten free chocolate cake for 16-22 people


Anything is good, if it's made of chocolate

No feeling is better than giving your child a real birthday celebration, especially when it comes to a delicious cake. Kids love their birthday more than anything, so it’s only right to celebrate it with some of the best birthday cakes for kids. Making your kids’ birthday cakes at home is a great way to show your love. But not everyone has the time and skills for this. This is exactly why if you read along you will become an expert, and certainly ready to order your kids birthday cake.

If you are completely clueless about what cake to order, don’t worry! Read along and discover more about Azidelicious’ children’s’ cakes.

Which cake is best for birthday for kids?

First things first, your kids’ birthday cake should be something exciting, and certainly delicious. But remember, it’s not all about looks and taste. Many of the “cool” cakes that you see are actually very bad for you and definitely your kid’s health. Now you might be thinking, “how can a cake be harmful?”.  Many of the colourful cakes you see, in fact most of them, have artificial colours. Now not only do these artificial colours have preservatives, but the other ingredients in them have also been proven to be harmful in the long run. Many of these cakes also have a lot of fondant, which is FULL of sugar and preservatives, clearly making is unhealthy.

Children’s cakes should be simple and natural, while still looking fantastic and tasting delicious. Instead of edible prints and fondant, you can simply use cake toppers with customizations of your kid’s favourite toy, character…etc. This is exactly what we offer at Azidelicious, with custom cake toppers designed to your size and shape liking.

Which flavor is best in cake for children?

Regardless of what your cake looks like, who said you can’t choose the flavour? The great part is that flavour doesn’t change the appearance of your cake. Generally, most kids tend to love exciting flavours. These include chocolate, red velvet, and anything that is basically colourful! Once again when it comes to colourful things, a lot of kids love rainbow cakes. As you might’ve guessed, these cakes are also full of different food dyes. However, there is one way around these colours, and that is natural food dyes. Natural food dyes are made with everyday ingredients that have the colour we want.

For example, in our red velvet cake we use beetroot powder as a colouring ingredient, or strawberry powder for pink frosting. There are a lot more ingredients that can help get the colour you want, which makes it possible to have a rainbow cake for your kids’ birthday cake!

How much does kids’ birthday cake cost in Adelaide?

The price of your kids’ birthday cakes in Adelaide depends on a few little things. A cake can cost anywhere from $50 to $500 dollars, so it’s all about what you are after. These factors include:

Size – first and most obvious, how big a cake you want. This usually depends on the number of people you are serving. Lucky for you, all of our cakes specify the number of servings under them!

Flavour and frosting – Not the biggest factor, but still something to look out for. Most flavours are the same price, with the exotic ones like saffron, matcha, cardamom and…being more expensive. Frostings are around the same price, swiss meringue being slightly more expensive.

Decorations – Probably the next most important influence after size, is what you decorate your cake with. There is no way to tell how much a decoration usually costs, since there are so many! Flowers, chocolates, fruits and nuts are some of the popular ones. These decorations usually cost around $20-$50 on a standard cake. The higher end of the price range is solely because of flowers which are expensive fresh or not.

Ordering your kids birthday cake with us

Are you looking for the best kids’ birthday cakes in Adelaide? If yes, then you are most definitely in the right place. Instead of buying an unhealthy flavourless cake, why not celebrate your kids’ birthday naturally? We have a spectacular range of different birthday cakes, and what’s even better is that you can easily customize a cake with us to your likings. And who could forget about our next day delivery service?

Azidelicious is one of the best kids birthday cake shop there is in Adelaide, so what are you waiting for?