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24 mini chocolate rosewater cupcakes for wedding cakes

ndulge in the rich and decadent flavor of mini chocolate wedding cupcakes at your special day

24 mini lemon cupcakes with buttercream & lemon zest

Tangy, zesty, sweet, refreshing, citrusy, bright

24 Mini Saffron Flavour Wedding Cupcakes

Original price was: $118.95.Current price is: $95.16.
Made with only the finest ingredients, including premium saffron, our mini saffron wedding cupcakes are the perfect addition to any wedding dessert table.

24 of Mini Persian Love Wedding Cupcakes

Delicate, sweet, exotic indulgence

afternoon treat assorted box with lime, vanilla, & pistachio rosebud

Wishing a wonderful afternoon? Don't miss a combination of lemon, rosewater and vanilla

assorted love box with persian love, red velvet, & chocolate

Spread your love through a combination of beauty and deliciousness

authentic persian assorted box with sesame, pistachio & royal almond

A signature of authenticity, delicacy, exoticness and a healthier option for having a treat

christmas assorted box with personalized postcard

A unique Christmas Assorted Cupcakes including a complementary postcard with your personalised note

dozen of chocolate cupcakes with matcha buttercream and berry

Chocolate Sponge, berry and organic matcha powder, natural green buttercream

dozen of chocorose cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and rose petals

A mixture of chocolate taste and rose aroma, a selection of elegance
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Whether it’s an elementary school birthday, a gathering, or a wedding, cupcakes are an international favorite and there’s no doubt about it!Isn’t it great to have a mini version of any cake that’s the perfect size for one person?Over millions of designs and flavors to choose from, couldn’t be better, right? Well, if you love cupcakes as much as I do, you are certainly in the right place!I’ve made this guide exactly for those cupcake lovers who want to get a little more information and some tips about these delicious treats! So why don’t you read along as we find out all about these yummy bites and see some of the best cupcakes shop in Adelaide.
Mini cupcakes Adelaide

What were the Original Ingredients for cupcakes?

Wow. Who knew the background of cupcakes would lead to todays world with over millions of flavors and designs? Back in the day, the peoples tastebud knew only one “cupcake” flavour…which brings me to my next point. What were the original ingredients for the first cupcake?

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