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gluten free persian love cake with cardamom flavour for 8-10 people

Enjoy the balanced combination of rosewater and cardamom, taste deliciousness and delicacy of a floral citrusy choice

gluten free saffron persian love cake for 8-10 people

A taste of luxuriousness, fiercely original, made with love, grace and integrity

persian love cake with saffron punch for 8-10 people

Fiercely original, purely authentic and made with love, grace and integrity

carrot cake with walnut & buttercream for 16-22 people

A sweet, moist and spicy cake, full of grated carrots and toasted nuts, covered in cream cheese buttercream frosting

gluten free almond coconut cake with almond flakes for 8-10 people

Azidelicious signature product, super moist, melt-in-mouth and rich in taste

orange blueberry cake with fresh berries for 16-22 people

Tempting, natural, lowered in sugar, zesty and rich in flavour

persian love cake with cardamom & rosewater for 16-22 people

Soft, delicate, buttery and in one word "Delicious"

Adulthood is a new stage in life, but something that should never change is celebrating birthdays the right way. Many people forget about what a birthday is and how to celebrate it once they begin to go into adulthood. But here at Azidelicious, we are going to stop that. Adult birthday cakes are a great way to celebrate you or a loved one’s birthday. 

What types of adult birthday cakes do Azidelicious offer?

Our variety of birthday cakes for adults has never been larger. What’s even better is that if you can’t find the right cake on our website you can easily plan a customized one! However, it’s more than likely that you will fall in love with one of the many stunning cakes waiting for you. Before ordering your birthday cake with us, here are some things to consider:

  • How many people do you want to serve? All of our cakes specify the amount of servings in their description, saving you the hard work!
  • What type of cake you are after? If you are after a natural, healthy, and delicious cake, then you are at the right place. Here at Azidelicious, we entirely avoid artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. Yes, this includes fondants!
  • How much are you willing to spend? It’s no good choosing everything and facing a surprise at the checkout. The best way is to get an idea of how much are willing to spen and set a reasonable price budget for yourself.

These few steps which take no time to complete are the key to having a good experience at Azidelicious.

Fondant birthday cakes for adults

Most people go straight to fondant decorations for a “good-looking cake”, but little do they know how bad fondant is for you! And most importantly, how easily you can replace it! Fondant might help make pretty funny ault birthday cakes, but you can easily minimize how much you use or completely replace it. How? Simply use buttercream. Same consistency, same look, better taste, healthier.

The only limitation without fondant is some designs, but it is still possible to have a high-quality, delicious, and healthier cake. Avoiding fondant can even help lower the price of your cake!

Birthday cupcakes for adults

Not a fan of cakes? No problem. Or it could just be that you are looking for something smaller than a birthday cake. Cupcakes take a lot less effort to deal with when you are serving a large number. No plates, no cutting, all easy and ready in one bite!

Either way, cupcakes are just the perfect substitute for a birthday cake.

They may not be as common as birthday cakes, but why not have little cupcakes with birthday decorations on top? The best thing about cupcakes is that they save the trouble of cutting the cake, serving it on plates, and using all the equipment in the process. All this aside, some might even find cupcakes as a cuter treat for celebrating their birthday!

Regarding cupcakes, the most popular decoration on the market is edible discs. However, we are against them, since they are very bad for your health. We believe that your health is equally important to flavour and looks, if not even more important! Instead of trashy edible discs, we use handmade toppers which look even better while being healthier!

Square and round adult birthday cakes

Whether your cake is round or square is completely up to you and depends on what you prefer! The only difference is in shape, so don’t worry to give different shapes a try if you havn’t already.