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gluten free persian love cake with cardamom flavour for 8-10 people

Enjoy the balanced combination of rosewater and cardamom, taste deliciousness and delicacy of a floral citrusy choice

persian love cake with cardamom punch for 8-10 people

Taste deliciousness and delicacy of a floral citrusy choice

gluten free saffron persian love cake for 8-10 people

A taste of luxuriousness, fiercely original, made with love, grace and integrity

persian love cake with saffron punch for 8-10 people

Fiercely original, purely authentic and made with love, grace and integrity

apple crumble cake with cinnamon for 8-10 people

Crunchy oat topping and apple filling and cinnamon flavor

chocolate rosewater cake with fresh blueberries for 8-10 people

Unique taste of chocolate mingled with rosewater

18th Birthday Cake

18th birthday cake The greeting “Happy Birthday” might just be one of the top favourite phrases in the world, just

1st Birthday Cake

Children’s birthdays are a special time to celebrate, especially when it’s their 1st ever birthday. And of course, what babies’

21st Birthday Cake

A 21st birthday is a once in a lifetime experience, a very precious one in fact. Whether it’s yours, a

30th Birthday Cake

You’ve heard of sweet 16th, 18th, and 21st birthday celebrations, but have you ever heard of the 30th birthday cake?

Birthdays are a festive time perfect for balloons, music, dancing, and of course, cake. If you live in Adelaide too, you probably know how hard it can be to look for some things in a small city. Even in a small city like Adelaide, ordering a delicious birthday cake is possible!

What better way to order online other than following my step-by-step guide, while also learning all about birthday cakes? So ready or not, let’s dive right in!

Which cakes are best for birthday?

These are some of the most popular and wanted birthday cakes:

  • Chocolate layer cake
  • Vanilla layer cake
  • Red velvet layer cake
  • Black forest layer cake
  • Persian love cake

What are the ingredients for birthday cakes?

Think yummy flavors and beautiful colors, all customized to your liking of course. When thinking of ingredients for your custom-made birthday cake in Adelaide, here is a good way to break it down:

Birthday Cake Flavor

You might already know what flavor you want, or you might still be debating between a few. Lucky for you, if you can’t decide between your two favorite flavors, why not have them both? With layer birthday cakes, you can choose as many different flavors as you want for each different layer. Or even better, upsize to a tiered cake and choose a different flavor for each tier.

Birthday Cake Icing

Also, the stuff that holds it all together, and gives it the creamy flavor and texture. Once again, depending on your taste, you can have the same frosting and filling, or have different ones. If you like to go, all the same, I recommend buttercream, as a fan-favorite frosting. But if you like a good pair, think buttercream and chocolate ganache filling, or perhaps cream cheese with jam, one of my personal favorites 😉

Birthday Cake Decorations

Last, but not least, is the cake makeup. No birthday cake is complete without the good decoration. Many people obsess over unhealthy food colors and fondants for decoration, but I have a better idea. Why not look out for your and your loved one’s health and avoid food colors and fondants, which have been proven to be artificially made, and loaded with preservatives and other trash? Why not try flowers, chocolate drip, or other sweets for decoration?

Frequently asked questions

These are some questions we get asked every day, that might just help you out too!

Does Azidelicious deliver birthday cakes in Adelaide?

We offer birthday cake delivery in Adelaide’s 30km radius. As a default roster, our cakes are delivered between 2 pm-5 pm, however, if you would like your cake delivered at a different time you can leave a message for us in your order note.

As for delivery prices, you can check how much delivery costs are by typing in the delivery address in the checkout section. Remember, delivery is always free with orders above $250!

How much sooner should I order my birthday cake?

It’s always good to place your order 3-4 days in advance, however, if you are ordering last minute you can order with us one day in advance too.

With this being said, if you are looking to order multiple cakes or have a customized cake, we appreciate it if you get in touch with us 4-7 days prior, to make the process smoother 🙂

What are Azidelicious birthday cakes like?

We offer some of the best birthday cakes Adelaide has, with 100% natural and top-quality ingredients. Our cakes are handmade with fine attention to detail, and love, which is the most important ingredient.

Do you sell candles?

We do! When ordering any product, you can select a custom postcard, cake or cupcake toppers/discs, and a number of candles.

Can I have a customized topper?

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with us and send a photo of the custom topper you would like, and we can work it out from there!

Is Azidelicious only a birthday cake shop?

As well as birthday cakes, we have a wide range of sweets which you can view on the menu.