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dozen of chocolate cupcakes with matcha buttercream and berry

Chocolate Sponge, berry and organic matcha powder, natural green buttercream

dozen of chocorose cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and rose petals

A mixture of chocolate taste and rose aroma, a selection of elegance

dozen of cinnamon cupcakes with fresh apple and buttercream

Spiced cupcakes with Apple and cinnamon topped with cream cheese frosting and rosewater fragrance

dozen of persian love cupcakes with pistachio and rosebud

Heavenly taste of rosewater, cardamom and pistachio garnish, a choice of elegance

dozen of pinkberry cupcakes with fresh strawberry & buttercream

Tasty, moist, loaded with fresh strawberry and rosewater buttercream frosting

dozen of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese buttercream

Light texture, slight chocolate flavor and rosewater aroma, topped with cream cheese frosting

dozen of red velvet cupcakes with vanilla buttercream & raspberry

Original price was: $86.95.Current price is: $79.95.
the best Red Velvet cupcake ever with buttercream frosting!

dozen of rose coconut cupcakes with rose infused buttercream

A flavorful, moist coconut cupcake with rosewater fragrance topped with fluffy coconut buttercream frosting

dozen of roseberry cupcakes with vanilla & buttercream

Feel the freshness of raspberry with Persian rosewater taste

dozen of royal almond cupcakes with rosewater & cardamom

A tasteful mixture of Australian almond flakes and Persian taste

dozen of saffron fiesta cupcakes with buttercream & pistachio

A perfect saffron taste with rose aroma, a classical Persian treat

dozen of sesame cupcakes with vanilla and rosewater

Authentic Persian taste with rosewater and cardamom, sesame garnish on top