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Branded Corporate Cupcake

Corporate Cupcakes are very effective marketing tools in different events such as celebration or exhibitions. Whether you need branded corporate cupcakes for your next event or internal celebration we meet your need by providing premium quality cupcakes. At Azidelicious we have our own way to have your logo or brand on cupcakes rather than conventional printing. In fact, we use an innovative ways not to deteriorate the original taste of our cupcakes. We mostly use toppers with your brands on them. We will have this toppers shipped along with your order so you just need to put them on the cupcakes and treat your guests with a premium quality treat.

Birthday and Parties
Our delicious varieties of cupcakes are one of the healthiest sweet that you can give to your children. We strongly avoid using any artificial colours and additives in any way in our cakes and we use fresh healthy ingredients. Instead of artificial colors we get the inspiration of nature for designing our products and make them appealing to children’s taste.
Corporate events & business gathering
Have you ever tried to be unique and provide your corporate guests or colleagues a choice of difference? So why not offering them a taste of difference with a heavenly fragranced variety of branded rosewater and cardamom handcrafted cupcakes. We are strongly against using edible printing as we do not want our product taste change, but instead we serve your branding purpose in a healthy classic way.
Gathering, afternoon tea, high tea party and social occasions
To love and to live a good memory behind is what we do with our unique rosewater based healthy cupcakes. Wide ranges of classic cupcakes are available depending on the desired taste and theme of your special occasion.