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cake and cupcake for Birthday and Parties

Birthday and Parties

Have a birthday coming up? It could be your birthday, your kids birthday, or anyone's! Our cupcakes are here to celebrate with you! You might be worrying that cupcakes are unhealthy...but let us stop you right there, because we've got that covered too! Our cupcakes are made 100% naturally with NO artificial colours or flavours; and they're low in sugar! Suitable for kids parties, birthdays, adult gatherings and more; with 15 different flavours to choose from!

Corporate events & business gathering​

Corporate & Business Events

Forget those boring and unhealthy cupcakes; surprise your corporate guests and colleges and let them taste the difference with our aromatic and delicious branded cupcakes. Here at Azidelicious we are strongly against any artificial products, which is why we avoid printed branding on cupcakes. Instead, let's keep it healthy show off your brand with our fancy cupcake toppers! All it takes is one bite to guarantee a good meeting!

Gathering, afternoon tea, high tea party and social occasions​

High Tea Party, Afternoon Tea & Gatherings

What better opportunity for some fancy authentic, and aromatic cupcakes than a high tea party? Or even an afternoon tea or a gathering with some friends! Our cupcakes have been especially designed to leave you and your beloved ones with a unforgettable memory. After all, who wouldn't enjoy a cup of tea with a moist, delicious cupcake? So forget those cheap cupcakes and switch to the healthy, high quality and delicately made sweets with Azidelicious.

Celebrate your brand naturally and healthier than ever! Forget about those edible discs that only ruin the flavour of your cupcakes; instead advertise your logo with a topper and let your guests taste the real flavour while imprinting your brand in their mind. 

Ever heard of corporate cupcakes? Well if you haven't, this is the right place for you. Even if you have heard of corporate cupcakes before, stick around to learn some more interesting things about them!

In this article we will be talking about:

  • How much does it cost to order corporate cupcakes in Adelaide?
  • How to order corporate cupcakes in Adelaide
  • Corporate cupcake delivery
  • How far in advance should you order your corporate cupcakes?

But first, why is the idea of corporate to cupcakes so popular anyway? First of all, everyone loves cupcakes, right? So why not use them as a fun and delicious way to advertise your brand? When you stick a poster on a wall and call it "advertisement" it's not so attractive, is it? But when you present your delicious and beautiful logo branded cupcakes on the table, you will 100% draw more attention to your brand. This idea is used all around the world will all types of foods and sweets; however it is especially good with cupcakes since they're a "finger food" and each person gets their own; making the process more effective.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, lets jump into the real deal and help you find your corporate cupcakes in Adelaide!

How much does it cost to order corporate cupcakes in Adelaide?

The price of your corporate cupcakes mainly depends on the type, size and amount of cupcakes that you need. Keep in mind that any dietary requirements such as being gluten free, vegan, or dairy free will slightly increase the price of your branded cupcakes.

In general, for a dozen of high quality cupcakes, you should expect to pay anywhere between $50-$60. With corporate cupcakes that price would be a little bit higher simply because of the toppers or logos that are added. Cupcake toppers cost around $1-$1.30 each, so all you have to do is times that cost by however many cupcakes you need and add it to the original price.

Aside from the cost of the toppers, there are some other price factors to consider. One important one is the decoration of your cupcakes. For example, a simple buttercream frosting or fondant design wouldn't make much of a difference; however berries, nuts, or any other fresh produce will bump up the price slightly.

Lastly is to choose between normal sized corporate cupcakes or mini ones. This one really depends on personal liking and taste, however, as a general rule it is best to have normal sized cupcakes when you have a small number of people; and mini cupcakes for when there are more guests.

How to order corporate cupcakes in Adelaide

There are only a few simple steps to ordering cupcakes for corporate events in Adelaide, so read along as we explain them one by one!

  1. Having a search - before anything else, looking around on the internet is one of the best ways to get an idea about the different options and prices available around you. When searching on google, make sure that you are using short phrases with important keywords such as the type of cupcakes you want, and your location. For example, some common searches for this topic are; corporate branded cupcakes near me, corporate cupcakes in Adelaide and cupcakes with company logo.
  2. Visit some shops - The next step after a good search is to take some action and visit some cupcake stores and see your different options; and also get an idea of the approximate prices. Sometimes cupcake shops like us don't have a physical store; so keep in mind that you can also look at online cupcake shops in your area.
  3. Set a price budget - You can set a reasonable price budget after learning about the price range for corporate branded cupcakes in your area.
  4. Select & pay! - Now all you have to do is to pick your favourite corporate cupcakes and checkout!

Now let's see how you can order your corporate cupcakes with us!

  1. Visit our Corporate & Events page on our website.
  2. Contact us for a quote on Instagram, Facebook, Email or simply speak to one of our friendly staff over the phone!
  3. After receiving your quote all you have left to do is to proceed to the checkout on our website!
  4. Now you can simply wait till your delicious corporate cupcakes arrive at your doorstep!

Corporate cupcake delivery

What's better than relaxing in the comfort of your home and waiting for your corporate logo cupcakes to arrive at your door? Well that is exactly why cupcake stores in Adelaide and all around the world allow you to choose a delivery option and make things easier for yourself! And all that for just a few extra dollar! How amazing?

With Azidelicious, all you have to do is simply enter your postcode and address when checking out and we will calculate the price of your delivery in no time! Your cupcakes will be at your doorstep before you even know it!

How far in advance should you order your corporate cupcakes?

Usually, most stores require at least a one day in advance order before the delivery date. However to be extra safe, we recommend that you place your order 2 or more days before the delivery date.

On the other hand with Azidelicious, all you have to do is to place your order one day in advance and that's it! No worries what so ever!

Advertise naturally with us!

Supplying you with premium and high quality cupcakes is what really matters to us at Azidelicious, which is why our cupcakes are made 100% naturally!

All of our products are made using high quality ingredients; and did you know that this is an artificial free zone? This means that we do not use any artificial colours or flavours and make everything naturally and harm free!

Here our goal is also to make everything as easy as possible for you; which is why we have our friendly staff on the line ready to give you a hand anytime during our business hours; and a quick delivery system right to your doorstep! Join us for your corporate journey, and let's do this the natural way!



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