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Gluten Free Persian Love Cake – Cardamom Rosewater

Enjoy the balanced combination of rosewater and cardamom, taste deliciousness and delicacy of a floral citrusy choice

Persian Love Cake – Raspberry Rosewater GF

Revive the fresh taste of raspberry with rosewater and pistachio

Chocolate Rosewater Cake GF

A unique taste of chocolate mingled with aromatic rosewater

Delish Cinnamon

Spiced cupcakes with Apple and cinnamon topped with cream cheese frosting and rosewater fragrance
Refreshing Mix Assorted cupcake box

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Recharge with Refreshing Mix

Reunited with Raspberry and Strawberry

mixed with rosewater aroma, a good combination for feeling refreshed

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Cupcakes Adelaide - Order Cupcakes And Cakes At Azidelicious Online Store

At Azideliciuous we only bake when you put your order for a cake or cupcakes so freshness is guaranteed. Our premium classic cupcakes and cakes are all natural, preservatives and edible colour free. We are strongly against using artificial materials and we have inspiration from nature in our baking. At Azidelicious we only use natural ingredients such as rosewater,cardamom, chocolate, fresh lemon, pistachio and so many others for creating flavours and respectively deliciousness. So if you are looking for some natural cupcakes Adelaide has only one choice can give you and that is Azidelicious.Cake And Cupcake Delivery AdelaideBuy online today for cake or cupcake delivery tomorrow. We normally need one day delivery lead time for your order as we bake it fresh. Sometimes we can shorten this time. In such cases what you need to do is just send an online inquiry in case of quick need for our services. At Azidelicious, we live to leave a memory behind. We believe no one can be left unhappier. That is the reason we provide a complementary postal card when you place cupcakes or cakes order online. In fact, you can have your personalised note for the person who you are sending the gift box.