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24 mini lemon cupcakes with buttercream & lemon zest

Tangy, zesty, sweet, refreshing, citrusy, bright

dozen of vanilla cupcakes with buttercream & fresh lemon zest

Soft, moist, fluffy, soured with natural lemon zest and combined with rosewater

three layer gluten-free lemon cake for 16-22 people

Moist fluffy and rich buttery lemon cake

three layer zesty lemon cake with buttercream for 16-22 people

Moist, fluffy with fresh and natural ingredients, a balance between sourness and sweetness

Are you a fan of lemon cakes? Perhaps you are looking for one in Adelaide? If so, then you are in the perfect place. Read along for more information about our lemon cakes in Adelaide, and some frequently asked questions.

Buy & gift natural lemon cake in Adelaide

Lemon cakes can come in handy on many occasions. It could be for a birthday, a gift, or even a wedding! No matter what, our lemon cakes can be customized perfectly for your occasions.

We use 100% real lemon flavor in our cakes and cupcakes, promising you nothing but a really refreshing lemon experience. These cakes are the perfect choice for a gift too, as they can be customized and sent with a customized postcard with a personalized message!

Custom lemon cake pricing

You may not find the design which you are exactly looking for in our shop, and we have a solution for that. After getting in touch with us, we can create a fully customized cake for you with all the specifications that you like, and also work out a custom lemon cake price. This process is very easy and quick, all we ask is that you get in touch a few days prior preferably.

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of the most common questions we receive when people want to buy a lemon cake. Have a read-through, as some of these answers might help you!

Does Azidelicious offer lemon cake delivery in Adelaide?

Here at Azidelicious we proudly offer cake delivery within a 30km radius of Adelaide. All you have to do is type your address and your cake will be delivered to your doorstep! As for delivery fees, prices vary simply based on where you are. To check the delivery price for you, easily select your desired cake, head to the checkout, and type in your address. Here you will see the delivery fee, as well as the total cost of your order.

How much sooner should I order my lemon cake?

We recommend that you order lemon cake 2-3 days prior. Any time earlier than this is fine too. In fact, you can place your order up to one day prior, as long as you get in touch with us before noon.

Can my lemon cake be gluten-free?

You can easily select your cake to be gluten-free. To do this, all you have to do is tick the “GF” check box when ordering your cake, and we will take care of the rest!

Can I purchase accessories with my lemon cake?

We offer a wide range of customized accessories with our cakes, including candles, toppers, discs, and customized postcards. You can select any of these accessories when ordering your cake, and simply add desired ones to your cart.