Red Velvet

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Light texture, slight chocolate flavor and rosewater aroma, topped with cream cheese frosting



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Red Velvet is not only outstanding in the flavour, but also in texture and the aroma as well when specially mixed with rosewater. Azidelicious Red Velvet cupcake is moist, soft and it has velvety texture. The rosewater cream cheese frosting is the best part of the whole cupcake.

The buttermilk, vinegar and cream cheese frosting mixture also creates a desirable acidic taste. The sweetness of the cake balances the acidity of the sponge of the cupcake. In addition cocoa powder gives mild flavour to this cupcake.

This cupcake comes in a box of dozen. You have the option to order it in mini cupcake sizes as well.

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1 review for Red Velvet

  1. Amir

    This is my new favorite cupcake!!. Every cupcake I have tried has exceeded my expectations. The Rosewater and Saffron flavors are amazing and very different from what you normally see. Their luxury packing is exclusive and I recommend anyone try them.

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