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gluten free persian love cake with cardamom flavour for 8-10 people

Enjoy the balanced combination of rosewater and cardamom, taste deliciousness and delicacy of a floral citrusy choice

gluten free saffron persian love cake for 8-10 people

A taste of luxuriousness, fiercely original, made with love, grace and integrity

carrot cake with walnut & buttercream for 16-22 people

A sweet, moist and spicy cake, full of grated carrots and toasted nuts, covered in cream cheese buttercream frosting

gluten free almond coconut cake with almond flakes for 8-10 people

Azidelicious signature product, super moist, melt-in-mouth and rich in taste

orange blueberry cake with fresh berries for 16-22 people

Tempting, natural, lowered in sugar, zesty and rich in flavour

persian love cake with cardamom & rosewater for 16-22 people

Soft, delicate, buttery and in one word "Delicious"

vanilla celebration cake with strawberry buttercream for 16-22 people

Soft, delicate, buttery and in one word "Delicious"

Have a special lady in your life who has a birthday coming up? She can be your partner, mother, friend, or any other lady in your life. Birthday cakes for women are a great way of showing your love and appreciation.

What types of birthday cakes for ladies do Azidelicious offer?

Here at Azidelicious, we offer different types of birthday cakes for females. Some of the most popular types are explained below.

Modern birthday cakes

Modern birthday cakes are one of the best options, which a lot of ladies like. These cakes come in all different shapes and sizes. Here are the two popular types of modern cakes:

Female birthday cakes with flowers

Most ladies love flowers, which is why they would also love a cake with flowers. There is an extremely large range of flowers to work with in this case. Flowers such as orchids, carnations, and gerberas are among the top flowers used on modern cakes.

Abstract cakes

Aside from flowers, which are more of a decoration, let’s talk more about an actual base style. Abstract cakes come in different shapes, but they are usually round like normal cakes. These cakes have a modern and textured design, usually involving a mix of colors. However, since we do not use artificial colors at Azidelicious, there is a slight limit on the colors available. With this being said, we still produce a range of colors naturally.

Simple birthday cakes for ladies

Here at Azidelicious, we offer a large range of birthday cakes for ladies of all ages.

A simple birthday cake all ladies love, and we have at Azidelicious is the Persian Love Cake. In fact, ladies tend to love our authentic cakes the most, perhaps because of the lovely aroma and taste, along with the simple yet beautiful look.

Authentic birthday cakes for elderly women are also a good choice as the simple look, yet the delicious taste will amaze them. Younger ladies might not like the simple look of authentic cakes, and that is completely fine. Because of this, we also have a wide range of celebration cakes, with many different flavors and designs. A popular and more “modern” birthday cake we have is Red Velvet Layer Cake.

Order birthday cakes for ladies

We are passionate to help you celebrate the birthday of a special lady in your life.

If you are looking for a custom cake that is not on our website, you can simply call or email us, and we will work out an affordable quote for you. With our latest update, you can also select a happy birthday cake topper, as well as a customized happy birthday postcard.

Treat a special lady with a special gift and let her taste the difference!