top 10 birthday cakes in Adelaide

Top 10 Birthday Cakes

No matter your age, every birthday needs a delicious cake; whether it be a Star Wars cake or a simple chocolate cake. Nowadays, a lot of adults forget to truly celebrate their birthdays, which is why today I’m going to show you my top 10 cakes that I recommend to you; regardless your age!

Have a look at my top 10 birthday cakes and pick your favourite one as a gift for you or a loved one! Before jumping in; make sure to also check out my birthday cake page to see more spectacular and delicious ideas for birthday cakes in Adelaide.

Persian Love Cake

Persian Love Cake

Before any other of our top 10 birthday cakes, let’s talk about my favourite; the one and only Persian Love Cake. This cake is an authentic bake inspired by Persian ingredients including rosewater, cardamom and citrus zest. Most importantly, this cake is perfect for adults who want to celebrate with a rather simple cake. What’s the best part you ask? My Persian Love Cake comes in three unique editions! For the simpletons, you can experience the 100% original recipe with my Cardamom Persian Love Cake. Want to try something more exciting? Have a bite at the Saffron Persian Love Cake and experience the real authentic stuff! Not a fan of saffron? No worries, try the Raspberry Persian Love Cake and enjoy an aromatic raspberry bomb!

Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake

Red velvet is a flavour that is loved all around the world; so, it was only right for me to create my uniquely designed version. You might ask yourself why you should go for my Red Velvet Cake, well don’t worry because I have the answer to your question. While creating a delicious chocolaty Red Velvet Cake with an truly unique design, I have managed to avoid using those trashy food colours and make my cake 100% natural! Instead of ruining my cake with artificial colours, I have used beetroot powder to create the beautiful red tone that you see. If you’re looking for an all-time classic birthday cake, my Red Velvet Cake is the perfect choice for you!

Oreo Red Velvet Cake

Oreo Red Velvet Cake

Talking about all-time favourites, how about a classic red velvet cake with a creamy twist? I specifically designed the Oreo Red Velvet Cake for all the red velvet and Oreo lovers; or anybody else who loves a fancy birthday cake! After all, who wouldn’t love creamy Oreo buttercream whipped on layers of moist red velvet sponge? This classy cake is perfect for a birthday surprise, no matter the age! Similar to my Red Velvet Cake I have kept this cake fully natural too by using beetroot powder instead of food colouring.

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake


Now this cake is certainly one to die for! Can you resist a moist and creamy infusion of chocolate topped with fresh cherries? I can’t either! My secret sauce for this cake is the cherry liquor that I brush on the layers, which plays with your taste buds even more! For those of you who love to celebrate a Black Forest Cake with your family, I have made a non-alcoholic version which has cherry syrup instead of liquor; so, the younger ones can enjoy this heavenly cake too! After all, the Black Forest Cake has secured a warm seat in the top 10 birthday cakes.

Orange Blueberry Cake

orange blueberry cake

The Orange Blueberry Cake is one of my personal favourites and definitely one my customers love too. This cake is perfect for a refreshing bite with an extremely low amount of sugar, but a high amount of flavour! To make the colour that you see, I used a mixture of beetroot powder and strawberry powder, which worked out just perfectly! So, if you’re a fan of fresh and fruity cakes, you must give my Orange Blueberry Cake a go.

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Chocolate strawberry cake

The sound of chocolate and strawberry may come off as a basic plain flavour; however, you will be surprised when you taste this life changing cake. Nothing can possibly go wrong with this combination of premium Belgian chocolate, mingled with strawberry buttercream and finally topped with creamy chocolate ganache and freshly picked farm strawberries. That sounds good, doesn’t it? The Chocolate Strawberry Cake is an all-time amazing birthday cake; and has a special spot in the top 10 birthday cakes.

Coffee Walnut Cake

Coffee Walnut Cake

Nothing can beat a classic coffee cake with bits of crushed walnut giving you that lovely crunchy feeling. This is the type of cake that will melt in your mouth, and certainly will not fail to impress your guests. While being rich and creamy this cake is also perfect to have with a glass of hot tea or coffee, depending on which one you prefer. Not only is the Coffee Walnut Cake a good birthday pick, but it is also suitable for other small events that you may have.

Lemon Coconut Cake

lemon Coconut Cake

Similar to my Orange Blueberry Cake, the Lemon Coconut Cake is another refreshing mix perfect for a birthday in the summer. As a bonus I have infused this cake sponge with rosewater syrup, which makes it extra aromatic and delicious. I can easily assure you that this is one of the most premium birthday cakes in Adelaide; and certainly, a unique bite too.

Natural Vanilla Celebration Cake

Azdelicious celebration cake

Let’s talk simplicity. Not everyone fancies an overly complicated cake, which is why I have created the Natural Vanilla Celebration Cake. Straight to the point, this cake is a vanilla bomb designed simply with delicious buttercream and topped with a beautiful set of roses. I like to describe this cake in 3 words. Simple. Delicate. Natural.

Layered Persian Love Cake

Layer Persian Love Cake

Remember the Persian Love Cake? Say hello to the upgraded version. With a similar design to the Natural Vanilla Celebration Cake, this cake has a boost of aromatic rosewater and cardamom; using the same ingredients as the original Persian Love Cake. These authentic sponges are assembled with rosewater buttercream and finished with a variety of fresh roses. The Layered Persian Love Cake might just be number one in the list of my top 10 birthday cakes.

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I hope you enjoyed reading along as we uncovered my top 10 birthday cakes. Now it’s your turn to tell me which cake was your favourite in the comment section below. If you are looking for birthday cake delivery in Adelaide, then one of these cakes must the perfect choice for you!

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How Long Does Birthday Cake Last In The Refrigerator?

By properly storing birthday cakes in the refrigerator, they can be kept fresh for a while. However, the question is what tips should be followed to store the birthday cake properly in the refrigerator? How long do birthday cakes last in the fridge?
In this article, we will answer all these questions.

Wrapping your birthday cake

This is where plastic wrap becomes your lifesaver! When done with your birthday cake, wrap all the surfaces making sure no air is let inside the wrap. We recommend also doing this for cupcakes and other sponges. The plastic wrap acts almost as a barrier which stops the air from drying out your cake; keeping it nice and moist as it was fresh.

Storing birthday cake in the refrigerator 

If you’re cake has simple buttercream icing or ganache, it will easily last up to 4 days in the fridge, when sealed properly. If your cake is not sealed it will most likely last up to 2 days; 3 days at the most. However even though an unwrapped cake will last a couple of days, there is a high chance of the cake going stale, especially if it’s a slice. For cakes with cream cheese icing, I recommend storing them in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 days. Also make sure that you let your cake with cream cheese come to room temperature before serving.

On the other hand, fruit cakes tend to last a lot longer, holding up for around 6-7 days! As a general rule, we recommend wrapping a birthday cake in the refrigerator to prevent it from going stale and dry.

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Freezing your birthday cake

Freezing cakes is great for the long term, as they last up to 3 months in the freezer! Once again, use cling wrap; it is especially important to wrap your birthday cake before freezing since the wrap keeps your cake from absorbing the flavours and strange smell from the freezer. For an extra step of caution, apply a layer of foil onto your wrapped cakes, which improves their lifetime in the freezer. For cakes that are already frosted wrap them in cling wrap; (whether it is whole or sliced) and keep it in an airtight container or an airtight bag.

birthday cake in the refrigerator

Keeping up to date

A trick I find very useful especially with a lot of cakes and cupcakes around is labelling them with the date which they were baked (you can also label the date you bought or received the cake). This helps to keep track of how long your cake has been in the refrigerator (or the freeze) so you don’t accidentally use or throw out your cake that is fresh or overdue. This tip is best for freezing, however you can also use it when refrigerating cake.

Defrosting your birthday cake

Take your birthday cake out the freezer and let it completely defrosted before serving. This usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour in room temperature. For frostings, add a splash of milk and whip for a few seconds or until smooth.

For defrosting a birthday cake in the refrigerator leave it out 15-20 minutes prior to serving.

This same rule applies for freezing or refrigerating your cupcakes

Keeping the right temperature

With cakes it’s important that you control the temperature and keep it consistent. As a rule of thumb always leave your cakes at a cool temperature. This is the same as room temperature in winter, however in summer, you will need some help from your fridge.

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What to look out for 

While storing your birthday cake in the refrigerator or the freezer is a very smart method to keep it fresh, there are some things that could go wrong.

Here are a few things we recommend you look out for.

Dry birthday cake

When not wrapped properly, your birthday cake in the refrigerator or the freezer can go dry in a matter of hours! You can make sure this doesn’t happen by fully wrapping your cake and making sure there are no loose spots for air.

Soggy birthday cake

Wrapping a warm cake or cupcake creates a humid condition inside the wrap and leaves you with a soggy mess. Sometimes this also happens because of humidity in the environment, however this can also be avoided by wrapping your cakes (when cooled down). Remember to let your cakes and cupcakes fully cool down before wrapping and storing them; so you can avoid this messy mistake!

Always test your batch

This tip especially applies when you are baking for someone else or a big event. Always test your batch prior to freezing it, in case something is wrong. No one likes a last minute stress bake, which is why you should taste test a little bit out of the freezer to make sure that your cake is okay for serving.

Stale birthday cake

A cake can have a few reasons for going stale. The first and most common one is a badly wrapped cake, with loose spots that let air in. Your cake will also go stale if it has been in the fridge for more than 4 days or more than 3 months in the freezer; which is why we suggest labelling the dates!

If your cake does end up stale, there is still some ways to rescue it! Crumble your stale cake up by hand or using a food processor and use it as a decoration on top of a fresh batch of cupcakes or a fresh cake! Not a fan of crumbled decoration? Shape your cake sponge into small balls and make cake pops!

I hope you learnt just as much as I did about storing your birthday cake today! Remember that if you have any other questions, use the comment section bellow, or DM me on Instagram!

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Is Birthday Cake Vegan?

Birthdays are an important part of our lives; everyone loves birthdays; and it’s only right to celebrate your birthday with a delicious cake. But are you looking for a vegan birthday cake? Finding a vegan birthday cake used to be an almost impossible task; however, the modern world is moving towards more and more yummy vegan alternatives each day! Let’s forget about buying cakes, lots of people love to bake their own birthday cakes at home ; which is why today we will be talking about how to make your birthday cake vegan with just a few simple changes. So, if you want a delicious vegan birthday cake, read along with us and enjoy!

What is Vegan?

So, what does being vegan actually mean? Many people mistake not eating meat and being vegan as the same thing. Someone who is a vegan avoids all animal products. Yes, even clothes made of animal fur! But when did this all start? Good question. The term “veganism” was only officialised in 1944; however, this concept goes all the way back to thousands of years ago! The core of this concept comes from ancient Indian and Eastern Mediterranean societies. Fun fact, vegetarianism which is similar to veganism was first mentioned by the famously known Greek philosopher and mathematician; Pythagoras of Samos. Aside from his mathematical theorem, Pythagoras also promoted peace between all species, including humans.

This concept was also common in ancient India, where the people strongly believed that animals should not experience pain, and that animal suffering is just as bad as human suffering. Over time veganism has become an important topic in the world, which is why today there are many vegan lifestyle alternatives available.

Vegan Birthday Cake Recipe

Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake

Delicious vegan chocolate birthday cake

Now to the real deal, let’s talk about making a delicious vegan birthday cake. There are lots of ways to make a normal birthday cake vegan; however, we will talk about that later in more detail. For now, follow this simple vegan chocolate birthday cake recipe step by step and make a delicious vegan birthday cake!


  • 300 ml almond milk
  • 1 tbsp vinegar
  • 150g vegan butter
  • 3 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tsp espresso powder
  • 275g all-purpose flour
  • 175g sugar
  • 4 tsp cocoa powder
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda

Step by step method

  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius
  2. Combine vinegar and almond milk in a small bowl and rest for 10 minutes (this is a substitute for buttermilk)
  3. In a small pot, over medium heat melt butter, maple syrup, and espresso powder. Once melted let the mixture cool down
  4. In a mixing bowl, sift all dry ingredients
  5. Pour in vinegar and almond milk combination as well as melted butter mixture
  6. Mix slowly until a smooth batter is made
  7. Bake for 30 minutes, or until cake tester comes out clean
  8. Top with vegan buttercream and fruits

How to Make any Birthday Cake vegan

Although there are lots of vegan recipes for cakes on the internet, sometimes it is more convenient to alternate a recipe you already have. It almost sounds like fun to substitute ingredients in a recipe to make it vegan, however when doing this you need to be sure that you are substituting the right quantities. For example, you might have a vegan substitute for eggs in your cake, however not all ingredients have the same weight.

This basically means that just because 50g worth of eggs for example, you might not need the same amount of a substitute. Make sure that you look up the ratio of your ingredient to its substitute before using it.

Vegan substitutes

Vegan substitutes for birthday cake

That being said, it is important to know your vegan substitutes. So here are some substitutes that will help make your birthday cake vegan.

  • eggs = apple sauce / flaxseed
  • milk = plant milk (soy, almond)
  • buttermilk = vinegar and plant milk
  • butter = vegan butter / coconut oil
  • heavy cream = soy milk and olive oil
  • honey = sugar / maple syrup

These are just a few of many of the substitutes you can use in baking. Keep in mind that all ratios are different for ingredients. The ratio of each substitute needs to be researched separately for a good result. Some of these substitutes are also great for those who have dairy allergies!

Vegan birthday cakes in Adelaide

If you’re in Adelaide and you are looking for a vegan birthday cake you’ve come to the right place! We all know someone close to us who is vegan. It might be mum, dad, grandma, a close mate, or even yourself! So, don’t hold back when it comes to their birthday, because Adelaide is a city filled with vegan options for all types of foods! Looking for a vegan breakfast? Done. Looking for vegan dinner and lunch? Done. Looking for a vegan birthday cake? Too easy!

There are a number of cake shops with vegan cakes in Adelaide, however Azidelicious is the only 100% natural cake and cupcake shop in all of Adelaide!

Tired of searching for vegan cakes? Well guess what? We’re here to make a delicious and natural vegan cake for you! Have a look at our lovely vegan cakes made specifically for our vegan friends. On top of that, many new vegan cakes will be introduced to our store soon!

Birthday Cake Vegan

Azidelicious birthday cake

I hope that this article was useful and heled you on your journey to make a birthday cake vegan!

Finally, if you are looking for the best cake shop in Adelaide, Azidelicious is your best choice!


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How to Write Happy Birthday on Cake Without Cream

Do you struggle to pipe words onto cakes? If so, then this article is just for you! Yes, writing on cakes with cream does look amazing, however sadly not all of us have the confidence and the skills needed for that. If you don’t know how to write on a cake with cream; today might just be your lucky day, as I will be showing you step by step, how to write on a cake without cream. Fortunately, there are lots of other ways to write on a cake; so don’t stress if you don’t have the best piping skills out there. We’re here to make baking and decorating cakes more fun than stressful for you!

What will you need to write on a cake without cream?

Cake without cream

Cake without cream – chocolate writing

You will need:

  • Chocolate (to melt)
  • A printed out sheet of your text
  • Chocolate melting pot (or use microwave)
  • Piping bag (you can also use a squeeze bottle)
  • Baking paper

Method for writing on your cake with chocolate:

Once you have all of the ingredients and equipment listed; follow my step by step instructions:

  1. Writing your text – The first step is to type and print “happy birthday”, or your desired message on a piece of paper; with your choice of font. You will need to use this later for tracing the writing.
  2. Melt the chocolate – You can either melt your chocolate in the microwave, or by using a chocolate melting pot on the stove. However, make sure that you are using low heat/power to avoid burning your chocolate. Let chocolate cool down for a few minutes before putting it in your piping bag/squeeze bottle.
  3. Writing your text – The most difficult, yet most fun step, writing your text. However, you won’t be writing the text straight onto the cake. Instead, place the sheet of baking paper over your printed text, and carefully trace the text onto the baking paper. Let your chocolate text fully dry before the next step. (This method is a favourite of mine since it is easy to restart. If you make a mistake, simply wait for the chocolate to dry out, then peel it off and restart!)
  4. Add your text to your birthday cake – The final step is to simply place your letters one by one onto your cake. Be careful when doing this as the letters can break easily. I suggest slightly pressing on each letter and moving it to the side, so it comes off the baking paper. Once you have all your letters; arrange them onto your cake as you wish!

And there you are, you have just written a text on a birthday cake without cream!

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My Tips and Tricks for Writing on a Cake Without Cream

  • Practise writing with a piping bag and a squeeze bottle before writing your text, so you become familiar with the method. Practising with the two can also help you decide which one you are most comfortable with; that being said I personally find it easier to write with this cheap squeeze bottle I found online.
  • Use the right chocolate – A very common mistake that beginners make is using chocolate which isn’t meant to be melted. You might ask, what’s the difference? Since some chocolates aren’t made to be melted; they don’t melt properly over heat and harden instantly. When buying chocolate for this purpose make sure it is melting chocolate, which is labelled on the packet. (icing chocolates also work)
  • Burnt chocolate – A lot of the time chocolate tricks beginners, when it is melted in reality, but still holds its original shape; fooling us to believe it needs more time. To prevent this, make sure you are stirring your chocolate occasionally, whether it is over the heat or in the microwave. If you melt the chocolate for too long it will burn and create lumps as well as a burned smell.

Other Methods to Write on a Cake Without Cream

Even if you can bake a perfect cake it is a difficult task to write the text with cream. Luckily, as well as the method we introduced to you today there are multiple other ways that you can easily write on a birthday cake without cream. As an alternative for writing with chocolate you can use:

  • Stencils – Stencils are a great way to be in control of everything and to have a fun time while writing on your cake.
  • Candies – Got a favourite candy? Perfect! You can use any candy or mix of candies to create a text on your birthday cake; no fancy nozzle needed!
  • Fruits – Use any delicious small fruits to create a text on your birthday cake just like you would with candies.
  • Nuts – Forget candies and fruits, go the healthy way! Use nuts to create a beautiful text, while also adding some yummy flavour and texture.
  • Other Toppings- Feel free to use any other cake toppings to easily write with. Marbles, sprinkles, you name it!

No matter which one of these variations you choose, at the end of the day there are lots of easy and different ways for you to write a message on your birthday cake without cream; so, don’t stress next time you’re struggling to use cream.

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Birthday Cake Without Cream in Adelaide

If you have a birthday coming up soon and don’t know what to do, head over to my Birthday cake page,

Vanilla Cake without cream

Natural based vanilla Cake

where you have a wide variety of natural birthday cakes to choose from. Want a custom writing on your cake? We got you! A great birthday cake that I have had many custom writing requests for is my Vanilla Cake. This cake and the other birthday cakes on my page won’t fail to impress you, and I guarantee you a beautiful look as well as a delicious natural bite! Here at Azidelicious, it’s all about making it as easy as possible for you; which is why we also have fresh Birthday cake delivery all over Adelaide!

This couldn’t possibly get better, right? Well guess what? It can! How you ask? With our system that awards you a lifetime of 10% discount on every next order after your first! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s celebrate the right way! Together!

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Easy ways to bake a cake without a cake pan

Easy Ways To Make A Cake Without A Cake Pan

Where’s your cake pan? Don’t have one? Not everyone is lucky enough to have a big kitchen with lots of equipment; but that shouldn’t stop anyone from baking. Should it? You might’ve just started baking and want to try it out before buying a pan. Or  you might just wanna save some money! Either way, there’s a lot of easy ways to make a cake without a cake pan, so its time to think about what to use instead of a cake pan.

Make a cake pan out of aluminium foil

Did you know you can make a reusable cake pan completely out of foil?

The trick’s to draw the outline of any shape that you want by folding foil to create the walls of the pan. You’ll then need some more foil to cover the outline and the bottom of the pan. Just like that, you can make any shape and size cake pan!

This trick is a great way to save space as well as lots of money!

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Make a sheet pan

Using a sheet pan to bake is by far the easiest and quickest way!

The ideal sheet pan for making a cake would be flat and have sides that are at least 1 inch high. As long as the height of the sheet pan is at least i inch, the rest of the dimensions don’t matter, if you have a smaller or larger pan, you’ll just have a smaller or larger result!

Using a sheet pan your cake might not be as pretty; but compared to the other ways, it sure a lot easier!

easy ways to bake a cake without a cake pan - azidelicious

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Make a pull apart cake

Making a pull apart cake is another great way to get the job started without a cake pan.

Making a pull apart cake requires a few little steps:

  1. use the cake batter to make cupcakes instead
  2. once the cupcakes are cooled make the shape of the cake you want using them. ( Could be a circle, heart … anything!)
  3. place a big scoop of frosting on top of all the cupcakes
  4. use a spatula to evenly spread the frosting on top of the cupcakes connecting them

By icing the cupcakes as one rather than individually, they look like a cake and your pull apart cake is complete!

However, you can pull one cupcake from the bottom and free it from the rest and eat it. Get it…pull – apart cake!

See! It wasn’t that hard. All you had to do was think outside the pan!

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Red velvet cake

How to store a cake overnight

Want to store some leftover cake but don’t know how? Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to store a cake overnight. These methods work for any type of cake; layered cakes, tiered cakes, sliced cakes, and frosted and unfrosted cakes too! Here are some of the best methods how to store cake.

How to store a cake overnight

When storing a cake overnight, you need to cover your cake fully to prevent any air and store it at the right temperature. To do this, you can easily wrap your cake in foil or plastic wrap, and place it in an airtight container. Make sure to keep your cake in the refrigerator overnight.

How to store a frosted cake overnight

To store a buttercream cake overnight, use plastic wrap to cover all areas of your cake and store it at room temperature in a container. If your cake is frosted with cream cheese or ganache, make sure to cover it and keep it in an airtight container in the fridge. Covering your cake prevents the air from making it dry.

How to store an unfrosted cake overnight

To store an uniced cake, wrap it with plastic first, and then add another layer of foil or place it in an airtight container. Depending on the room temperature, you may be able to keep your cake out of the refrigerator; if the area is cool. If unsure of the temperature, keep the cake in the refrigerator.

How to store cake layers

Storing cake layers separately prepares you for assembling a future cake. To keep your cake layers fresh, wrap them in a layer of plastic wrap. Then add a layer of foil around each layer, which keeps the air from making them dry. Finally keep them in the fridge if using soon, if not store them in the freezer.

How to store cupcakes

Cupcakes stay freshest when stored separately. Wrap each cupcake tightly with plastic wrap first. Next, wrap them with foil in groups of four, and finally place them in an airtight container. You can store the cupcakes in the refrigerator for up to 2 days and in the freezer for up to 3 months.

How to store a cake without plastic wrap or a container

Depending on whether your cake is frosted or not, you can still store it without a container or plastic wrap. If frosted, use a cake keeper, or an overturned bowl to protect it from dust, hair…etc. For cakes with no frosting, wrap the cake in foil and keep it at room temperature for 3 days, and refrigerated for one week.

How to keep cake fresh

To keep the cake fresh it is important to cover it fully to avoid air and keep it at a good temperature. For doing this you can use plastic wrap, foil, and airtight containers. A moderately cool room temperature is perfect for cake, however for cakes with frosting we recommend using the refrigerator.

Do you need to refrigerate cakes?

It is not necessary to refrigerate cakes all the time. Cakes with frosting are usually the ones that need refrigerating, whereas cakes with no frosting can last up to 4 days at a moderately cool room temperature. Regardless of whether your cake is in the refrigerator or at room temperature, all cakes must be covered fully before storing.

How long can cake sit out unrefrigerated?

If your cake is frosted with buttercream, it will last covered at room temperature for up to four days. However, it is best to refrigerate cakes with other frostings such as cream cheese or ganache. A fully covered unfrosted cake will last for up to 2 days at room temperature.


If you enjoyed today’s article and found it useful, check out our new blog on How To Store Cupcakes, and be sure to leave a comment to let me know what you think, or even just to ask a question or say hi!

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Buttercream Frosting

Does your buttercream turn out too hard or too runny? Or is your frosting filled with air bubbles? Well lucky you; because we’re here to help! Making your own homemade buttercream frosting is a great way to add texture and flavour to your cakes and cupcakes; but even the smallest mistake in the process it can all fall apart. Thankfully, with these buttercream frosting tips and tricks you’ll be on your way to ice every cake that comes your way!

How To Thicken Your Buttercream Frosting

Adding flavour and texture to your buttercream sure can be a great option; however too much liquidity can cause your buttercream to soften. The easiest way to thicken your frosting is to add confectioner’s sugar one tablespoon at a time. If you want to add flavour to your frosting, the best way is blend or extract the juice from fresh produce and only use a small amount.

Another reason for runny frosting could be that the butter is too warm to start with or the kitchen is too hot. Too much heat in the butter or the atmosphere causes separation. Turn your oven off and make sure the room isn’t too hot, so the butter doesn’t separate. If the buttercream is still runny, stop mixing, chill the bowl and paddle for 10 minutes until the mixture solidifies a bit; then continue whip.

Adding too much sugar can change the flavour of your frosting; so, make sure you taste as you go!

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How To Thin Out Your Buttercream Frosting

Opposite to thickening, the key to thinning out your frosting is adding more liquidity. To thin out frosting, mix in milk or cream one tablespoon at a time till you reach your desired consistency.

However, if your cake or cupcakes are going to be out of the fridge for more than a day its best to make a thicker frosting.

How Long Can You Leave Buttercream Frosting Out For?

Unlike other frostings, buttercream can be left out for as long as two days!

If the frosting has cream cheese, it’s best to be refrigerated at all times for it to be safe to eat. Any frosting that contains milk will spoil quickly, so its best  to refrigerate it after a few hours.

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Will Buttercream Frosting Melt At Room Temperature?

When buttercream is left out at room temperature a thin crust is formed on the outer layer while the inside is nice and smooth. To prevent your frosting from melting, make sure the room temperature is not too hot. If the temperature is too hot the frosting will start to run. An example of crusted buttercream is visible on our Vanilla Raspberry Celebration Cake.

We hope that these tips and tricks have given you some knowledge to start with!

What buttercream frosting tips and tricks do you have to share with us? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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Christmas Cake

Natural Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is by far the happiest and most exciting part of the year around the world. Family and friend reunions, music, food and of course decorations everywhere! Sweets play a big role in celebrating Christmas, and so does decorating them correctly. Christmas sweets can be anything from cookies and cupcakes to a gingerbread house or even a cake! Here are some great natural Christmas decoration ideas for you to use this year!

Fruit Decorations

Fruits are a great choice because when using them you have a wide range of colours and flavours to work with.

Some great options are pomegranate seeds, berries, or cherries. Most of the time the type of decoration used depends on the flavour of the cake. a popular Christmas cake is the black forest cake which uses cherries as the main decoration. Pomegranate seeds are a great choice too.  They can cover the top of the cake while they can also be sprinkled around the edges or the middle.

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Flower Decorations

are great at bringing out the colour and tone. While they come in hundreds of colours and shapes red or white ones are best for Christmas. Poinsettia is a Mexican flower which is popular for decorating Christmas sweets. The poinsettia can be on top of a cupcake as a design. Whereas for cakes it would look better all around the edges or as a bunch in the corner or on the middle of the cake. Another option could be rosebud which isn’t as red but still does the job.

Chocolate Decorations

White or normal chocolate not only adds a good flavour but also has a classic and rich look.

Chocolate can either be a single block on top of a cupcake or for a bigger look a whole or broken bar on top of a cake. For example a good treat to use chocolate when decorating is a red velvet cake or red velvet cupcakes.

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Other types of chocolates can be used too but white or plain milk chocolate are the classics.

Now that you have some natural Christmas decoration ideas it’s time to bring your imagination to life!

Most importantly, remember to have fun! A lot of it!


Origin And Use Of Pistachios In Cake Baking

Where Do Pistachios Come From?

Pistachios are one of the tastiest yet most expensive type of nuts in the world! So where do they come from? For a starter, pistachios are a part of the cashew family, which means they grow on trees! Pistachio trees grow in dry lands and warm climates and are indigenous to Iran! These precious nuts have been around since 6750 BC; that’s a very long time! Baklava, halvah, and ice cream are just a few of the desserts that have pistachios. Pistachio seeds are rich in protein, fat, dietary fibre, and vitamin B6.  Now that’s enough nut talk, so here is the origin and use of pistachios in cake baking!

How Are Pistachios Used In Cakes?

Pistachios can be a decoration on the cake or a be inside the batter of the cake.

Pistachios as a Decoration

Persian Love Cake - Rosewater Cardamom

Usually, cakes that are based on nuts or middle eastern flavours have pistachios. There are several ways to decorate with pistachios, including using the pistachio whole, crushing it, or just halving it.

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For example, the Persian Love Cake’s decoration is a mixture of crumbled pistachios and rose petals; and this is a  great option because it is easy to pair with many other colours.

Whole pistachios are a fantastic choice to pair with other whole items on a cake such as walnuts, berries or even frosting! Pistachios are amazing to use because of their colour and flavour that go well with almost anything!

Pistachios in the Cake

The only way to use pistachios inside a cake batter is to c

rush them; and even though whole or halved pistachios add a stronger texture and more crunch the best option is to crush them.

Adding pistachios to your cake not only adds a crunchy texture, but it’s also good because of

its nutritional benefits! When buying a cake, it’s important to know that it will cost more since pistachios are quite expensive.

Authentic cakes such as a Persian Love Cake or a Matcha Vanilla Cake have crumbled pistachio in the batter which helps build that texture.

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How Do We Use Pistachios?

At Azidelicious, our goal is to make premium cakes, so as a premium ingredient pistachios are perfect for the job! Pistachios are one of the main ingredients in our authentic cakes and cupcakes and help bring out the texture and beauty of our products!

Now that you know a little bit about the origin and use of pistachios in cake baking, its time to get baking!

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Best Cake Decorating Tools For Beginners

A baker is no good without their tools, right? Well now that you’ve learned about some ways to decorate cakes, it’s time to build your arsenal of baking essentials. There’s no need to stock up on every decorating tool out there. With a few basic items, you can quickly level up your dessert game. Here is our guide to the best cake decorating tools for beginners!

Decorating Turntable

Crop unrecognizable confectioner standing at table while making delicious cake placed on white table in light kitchen

On the multi-purpose turntable, you can ice, decorate,  and serve your cakes. This tool is ideal for icing smooth edges or piping borders on your cake. Most turntables have a non-slip base which keeps your cake in place as you work.

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Icing Smoother

Give your cake a clean finish with the icing smoother. This tool is a stainless steel blade which helps you master your icing edges every time!

Piping Set – Bags and Nozzles

Modern Wife Set : Cake Decorating Piping Tips + Bag | YesStyle

Piping sets come with a variety of different shapes and size nozzles. Along with the nozzles, comes piping bags. There are two types of piping bags, reusable and disposable. Disposable bags are easier to work with while reusable ones are best for the environment.

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Cake Lever

When making a layered cake, the lever does its job by making sure every cake layer is consistent and even. Good levers come with an adjustable blade which makes your job easier.

What Tools Do We Use?

Because of the range of cakes we have, at Azidelicious we use lots of different tools to help us decorate our cakes to our best ability. Some of the basic tools we for almost every cake are things such as the lever, turntable or the icing smoother. For our more advanced cakes such as the two tier orange blueberry or two tier chocolate cake we use most of the basic tools, only in larger sizes.

Now that you know some of the best cake decorating tools for beginners its time to roll your sleeves up and get baking!

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