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Weddings are perhaps one of the most important events in our lives, and truly a memorable one. Like any other important occasion, weddings are also a great time to have a delicious, and certainly good-looking cake. Here at Azidelicious, the best cake shop in Adelaide, our mission is to help you celebrate any event, with a healthy, delicious, and stunning cake. Depending on how big of a wedding you throw, you might be interested in knowing some more about the two-tier wedding cake. So why not read along and find out some more?

What types of 2-tier wedding cakes do Azidelicious offer?

Choosing wedding cakes can be very difficult, which is why we have a wide range of different cakes for you to choose from. Sometimes you might not like what you see…and that’s okay! We have a solution for that too. If you still haven’t found the right cake after browsing our cakes, you can simply customize your own wedding cake! Here are just some of the different types of 2-tier wedding cakes at Azidelicious.

Two-tier simple wedding cakes

First things first, let’s get the basics out of the way. We all love 2 tier white wedding cakes, and we have exactly that. These cakes don’t have to be boring, as we can decorate and customize them to your liking while still keeping the classic and simple look.

2 tier rustic wedding cakes

Rustic wedding cakes are one of my personal favourites, as they have a warm and loving look. You might be asking yourself, “what is a rustic cake?”. Rustic wedding cakes are a simple design, with the goal to NOT look perfect, and keep a bit of that homemade feel and look. If you are still confused, have a search and look at some rustic cake designs because I promise you will fall in love with this style!

Two-tier chocolate wedding cakes

Not everyone is a fan of the classic white wedding cake or the classic vanilla sponge, and that’s okay! The two-tier chocolate wedding cake is perfect for chocolate lovers. The best part is that you can still have a white cake from the outside, but with a chocolate sponge! Or change it up and have chocolate icing with a white chocolate or vanilla sponge. I personally love chocolate cakes as you can have so much creativity with them!

2-tier wedding cakes with flowers

Flowers are a must-have for wedding cakes because they will take your cake to the next level. No matter what type of wedding cake you have, you can find the right type of flowers to make it look spectacular!

Two-tier buttercream wedding cakes

At Azidelicious we use buttercream to ice our cakes instead of fondant, which makes our cakes a lot healthier and tastier. Fondant is full of sugar, which makes it very unhealthy, and certainly not as tasty as buttercream. With our buttercream icing, you have the freedom of choosing the flavour and colour, which we prepare naturally.

What sizes of two-tier wedding cakes do Azidelicious offer?

Having a two-tier cake for a wedding looks great, but you might not be serving many people, and have too much cake left. So, what do we do? Simple, you can still have a two-tier wedding cake, just a smaller one! Read more to find out about our different sizes of wedding cakes.

Small 2-tier wedding cakes

The basic rule with tiered cakes is that whatever size our bottom tier is, the next tier will be 2 inches smaller, and so on. With our small 2-tier wedding cakes, you can go as little as a 6 inch base, which means you will have a 4 inch top tier. This will be enough for serving around 10-15 people, while still having that pretty two-layer appearance.

Large 2-tier wedding cakes

Larger cakes are appropriate for serving many people. For example, if you go with the largest option, which is a 14 inch base and a 12 inch top, you will be able to serve around 120-140 guests.

In regard to what size is suitable for your wedding cake, you can easily contact us and receive some guidance, and save the confusion!

Frequently asked questions

Last but not least, here are some frequently asked questions, that might be useful for you too!

How much is a typical 2-tier wedding cake?

The cost solely depends on the size you want. Your cake can be anywhere from as little as $150 to $500 and even more. For a direct quote, feel free to contact us and have a chat.

How many will a 2-tier wedding cake feed?

Depending on the number of guests, with a two-tier cake, you can feed anywhere from 12-140 guests.

How much is the delivery cost of Azidelicious?

As we deliver all around Adelaide, each suburb has a different delivery price. To check this, you can choose any product and enter your address at the checkout to see the delivery price. Also, shipping is free on orders over $250.