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Origin And Use Of Pistachios In Cake Baking


Where Do Pistachios Come From?

Pistachios are one of the tastiest yet most expensive type of nuts in the world! So where do they come from? For a starter, pistachios are a part of the cashew family, which means they grow on trees! Pistachio trees grow in dry lands and warm climates and are indigenous to Iran! These precious nuts have been around since 6750 BC; that’s a very long time! Baklava, halvah, and ice cream are just a few of the desserts that have pistachios. Pistachio seeds are rich in protein, fat, dietary fibre, and vitamin B6.  Now that’s enough nut talk, so here is the origin and use of pistachios in cake baking!

How Are Pistachios Used In Cakes?

Pistachios can be a decoration on the cake or a be inside the batter of the cake.

Pistachios as a Decoration

Persian Love Cake - Rosewater Cardamom

Usually, cakes that are based on nuts or middle eastern flavours have pistachios. There are several ways to decorate with pistachios, including using the pistachio whole, crushing it, or just halving it.

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For example, the Persian Love Cake’s decoration is a mixture of crumbled pistachios and rose petals; and this is a  great option because it is easy to pair with many other colours.

Whole pistachios are a fantastic choice to pair with other whole items on a cake such as walnuts, berries or even frosting! Pistachios are amazing to use because of their colour and flavour that go well with almost anything!

Pistachios in the Cake

The only way to use pistachios inside a cake batter is to c

rush them; and even though whole or halved pistachios add a stronger texture and more crunch the best option is to crush them.

Adding pistachios to your cake not only adds a crunchy texture, but it’s also good because of

its nutritional benefits! When buying a cake, it’s important to know that it will cost more since pistachios are quite expensive.

Authentic cakes such as a Persian Love Cake or a Matcha Vanilla Cake have crumbled pistachio in the batter which helps build that texture.

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How Do We Use Pistachios?

At Azidelicious, our goal is to make premium cakes, so as a premium ingredient pistachios are perfect for the job! Pistachios are one of the main ingredients in our authentic cakes and cupcakes and help bring out the texture and beauty of our products!

Now that you know a little bit about the origin and use of pistachios in cake baking, its time to get baking!

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