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Things To Consider Before Ordering A Celebration Cake

Layer Persian Love Cake

Celebrating something is what brings many people together and gives them the feeling of joy, especially as celebration is loved all around the world. It is a world tradition to celebrate joyful events such as birthdays, weddings and many more and cakes are a part of nearly every celebration from ancient times up to now. However, there are things to consider before ordering selecting and ordering a celebration cake. Below we address the most important ones.

Flavour of the Cake

Different events and different people require different flavours. For example, for a child’s birthday cake you would need to pick some of the flavours which are the kids favourites such as chocolate cake or vanilla cake. However, for events with adults such as weddings and anniversaries, there is a wider range of flavours to choose from. Some options could be a red velvet cake or a black forest cake. How to pick the right flavour is what leads to the next paragraph. At Azidelicious we have introduced our Layered Persian Love Cake as one of the best options for any adult’s celebration events.

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Theme of the event

Choosing the right cake also enables you to think more seasonal. This means picking the type of the cake which suits the season well. For example, the freshening options such as lemon cake and orange blueberry cake are best for summer where’s warmer options such as chocolate cake or banana caramel cake are good for winter.

Layer Persian Love Cake

A truly natural and delicious Layer Persian Love Cake

Price budget

Depending on the size and type of event, you might like to set yourself different price budgets. As the scale of the event gets bigger the price also rises. At Azidelicious, our celebration cakes have a wide price range from 100-500 dollars allowing you to explore the different sizes and flavours while having a set budget.

Dietary requirements

It is very common for different dietary requirement to appear within your guests or the participants of the event. Some popular dietary requirements are being vegan, being allergic to nuts or celiac disease which means gluten free. It is important to mention any dietary requirements in your order to prevent reactions. At Azidelicious, we offer gluten free, nut free and vegan options in our cakes.

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Size of the cake

You need to be sure of the number of attendees as it will determine the size of your cake. It is always a good idea to consider even 20-30% more. We offer a variety of sizes and flavours in our celebration cakes to help you pick the right one! Smaller layer cakes are suitable for smaller events and serve approximately 25 people. However, the larger cakes which are for weddings and major events serve around 40-50 people.

At the end of the day, a good cake is a part of a good celebration and a good memory. Celebrating events properly is very important to us at Azidelicious. Whether it’s a birthday party, graduation party, baby shower, engagement party or anything else, our aim is to help the people of Adelaide celebrate these events with a high quality and delicious cake.

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