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Easy Ways To Make A Cake Without A Cake Pan

Easy ways to bake a cake without a cake pan

Where’s your cake pan? Don’t have one? Not everyone is lucky enough to have a big kitchen with lots of equipment; but that shouldn’t stop anyone from baking. Should it? You might’ve just started baking and want to try it out before buying a pan. Or  you might just wanna save some money! Either way, there’s a lot of easy ways to make a cake without a cake pan, so its time to think about what to use instead of a cake pan.

Make a cake pan out of aluminium foil

Did you know you can make a reusable cake pan completely out of foil?

The trick’s to draw the outline of any shape that you want by folding foil to create the walls of the pan. You’ll then need some more foil to cover the outline and the bottom of the pan. Just like that, you can make any shape and size cake pan!

This trick is a great way to save space as well as lots of money!

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Make a sheet pan

Using a sheet pan to bake is by far the easiest and quickest way!

The ideal sheet pan for making a cake would be flat and have sides that are at least 1 inch high. As long as the height of the sheet pan is at least i inch, the rest of the dimensions don’t matter, if you have a smaller or larger pan, you’ll just have a smaller or larger result!

Using a sheet pan your cake might not be as pretty; but compared to the other ways, it sure a lot easier!

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Make a pull apart cake

Making a pull apart cake is another great way to get the job started without a cake pan.

Making a pull apart cake requires a few little steps:

  1. use the cake batter to make cupcakes instead
  2. once the cupcakes are cooled make the shape of the cake you want using them. ( Could be a circle, heart … anything!)
  3. place a big scoop of frosting on top of all the cupcakes
  4. use a spatula to evenly spread the frosting on top of the cupcakes connecting them

By icing the cupcakes as one rather than individually, they look like a cake and your pull apart cake is complete!

However, you can pull one cupcake from the bottom and free it from the rest and eat it. Get it…pull – apart cake!

See! It wasn’t that hard. All you had to do was think outside the pan!

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