Fairy Cakes Vs Cupcakes

butterfly cakes

What is the difference between fairy cakes and cupcakes? Today we will be comparing fairy cakes vs cupcakes, and we will tell you the difference and which one can be more useful for you

Before we jump into it all, why don’t we discover what fairy cakes are and their history first?

History of the angel’s delights

Fairy cakes, also known as British butterfly cakes originate from Great Britain! Surprisingly enough, these delightful treats are a well-known party snack in Britain, but unheard of in the rest of the world.

butterfly cakes

The Original British Butterfly Cake

And of course, the big misunderstanding is that foreign countries think fairy cakes look like fairies. These delicious treats go by this name because of their size, which is small enough for a fairy to eat. However, a version of “butterfly cakes” is a design that has wings on top of the cupcakes. Similar to a butterfly or a fairy’s wings!

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What is the difference between fairy cakes and cupcakes?

Fairy cakes are essentially a smaller version of a cupcake. Cupcakes usually have generous amounts of buttercream or cream cheese on top, but not fairy cakes. Instead, fairy cakes have a drizzle of icing on top, making them more enjoyable and lighter with a cup of tea. Perfect for the British, right?

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Are fairy cake cases the same as cupcake cases?

Fairy cakes are different sizes from cupcakes, which also means they have different cases. Fairy cake cases are nothing crazy, like our everyday cupcake cases, just a little shorter and smaller.

some fairy cake cases also have a wider surface, which makes it easy to get creative with the icing on top! After all, no frosting doesn’t have to mean boring cupcakes.

Fairy cakes vs cupcakes – Which one is better?

So after all, who wins the ultimate battle? Well, if you ask me, I would choose fairy cakes. This is because they are healthier and avoid sugary greasy frostings like buttercream and cream cheese. They are also a lighter treat than cupcakes and the perfect snack for kids’ parties.

Fairy Cakes

Fairy Cakes

Especially when it comes to kids, I would choose fairy cupcakes, and save myself from that sugar rush that comes from frostings!

With this being said, if you are more after a treat with a fancy look, cupcakes are your best option.

Although frostings are still full of sugar and fat, I try to make my cakes and cupcakes as healthy as possible, to make up for it! How do you ask? It’s quite easy. We avoid ANYTHING and EVERYTHING artificial. Food coloring. Nope. Preservatives. Not entering our kitchen!

If you are a fan of naturally healthy, and delicious treats too, have a look at my other posts, and maybe have a browse at my shop!

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