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Cupcake Decorating

cupcake decorating

When it comes to party ready treats, cupcakes are one of the best single bite desserts on the table. There are many ways for cupcake decorating, from simple toolless ideas to fancy ones that require more technique. The decorations will differ depending on your occasion.

You don’t need to spend much money or have professional tools for cupcake decorating. I like to stick to simple yet attractive toppings that will instantly uplift the appearance of my cupcakes. You can also make your cupcake attractive by choosing a beautiful and colourful liner from the beginning. You can also choose your toppings depending on the flavour of the cupcakes (not necessarily). There are a lot of simple ingredients available at home for this purpose. It is better to ice your cupcake with buttercream first and then decorate.

The decoration you place on top of your cupcakes is what will initially grab the attention of the people you are serving them to. Read along to see some simple and natural cupcake decorating ideas that are guaranteed to make your cupcakes the most wanted on the table!

Ideas for Cupcake Decorating

 Fresh Fruit 

Pipe some frosting to the top of the cupcakes and then place a slice of a fruit of your choice. The fruits that most common for cupcake decorating are different types of berries, bananas (sliced), and cherries.

cupcake decorating

Strawberry As a Decoration



Sprinkle some fresh nuts like Almond, Pistachio or Walnut on your cupcakes before putting them in the oven. This way not only will your cupcakes absosrb the flavour of the roasted nuts, but they will also smell great and look fantastic!

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate ganache is a classic for cupcake decorating. Mix some heavy cream and chocolate (chips or block); and put in the microwave for 30 seconds or until melted. Your ganache is ready to use when it comes to room temperature after cooling down. You can add a few drops of rosewater, mint extract, vanilla extract or other flavourings to your ganache.

Powdered Sugar Glaze

You have several options to mix the powdered sugar with. Lemon juice, milk and plain water are my suggestion for mixing with the powdered sugar. Mix the powdered sugar with the chosen liquid until you reach to your desired thickness and dissolve the powdered sugar completely; and simply use it for your cupcake decorating.

Cupcake Decorating Inspiration

Are you lacking ideas to decorate your cupcakes with; or just have no inspiration? Don’t worry, because the ideas you need are just one click away! You can easily find decoration ideas by having a quick search on google or Pinterest, or more simply have a look at my assorted cupcakes and get some inspiration right away!

You can also get some inspiration from the bakers in your region to make sure you’re on the same trend as your area. Do this by searching “cupcakes near me” or “cupcake Adelaide” for example and have a look at the decorations which come up.


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