10 Best Cupcake Flavors

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Are you a cupcake fan? I know for sure I am…and sometimes I wonder what the best cupcake flavors are. Over the past few years, cupcakes have risen to claim a spot in being one of the best desserts in the world. With this, there are tens if not hundreds of new flavors, looks, and styles! What a time to be alive!

There sure are tens of delicious cupcake flavors, but have you ever wondered what the best cupcake flavors are? Today we’ll be answering that question, and also looking at the details of each flavor! We’ll also be talking about why each flavor is so popular; so tune in as we uncover the top 10 cupcake flavors.

10. Lemon

lemon cupcakes

A lemon cupcake gives you an experience you don’t get every day, the amazing clash of sourness and sweetness. If you’re not the biggest fan of sweet tastes, then a lemon cupcake with lemon icing and fresh zest is your perfect pick. With this being said, another great thing about lemon cupcakes is that you can easily control the ratio. Like it sweeter? Add more sugar or less lemon juice, and simply do it the other way around if you prefer the sour taste.

Aside from their great taste, lemon cupcakes also have room for some gorgeous designs with lemon wedges or lemon zest, which would certainly impress your guests!

9. Red velvet

red velvet, one of the most popular cupcakes flavours

Red velvet is a flavor everyone loves, and certainly one that can’t be argued with! The famous red velvet cupcakes are known for their fluffy texture and unique flavor, with hints of cocoa. Red velvet cupcakes also happen to be perfect for any and every occasion. Birthday, wedding, anniversary, or even just a gathering. You name it! Many people love red velvet cakes, but can’t enjoy the experience because a cake is too big for them. This is where cupcakes save the day, acting like mini red velvet cakes!

Red velvet cupcakes and cream cheese frosting are a duo that you and your guests will never forget!

8. Matcha

Matcha cupcakes

Matcha is definitely one of the most underrated cupcake flavors to ever exist. Too many people have never heard of Matcha cupcakes, but fall in love with one bite! For some context, Matcha is an Asian green tea that’s become extremely popular and loved around the world quite recently. Personally, I think it’s best to avoid Matcha sponge, and use it in the frosting instead. This keeps your cupcake base looking pretty, while also giving the cupcake and icing some flavor contrast.

If you haven’t tried Matcha before, please make sure to give it a taste and let me know how you like it in the comment section! (I know Matcha doesn’t disappoint!)

7. Strawberry/Raspberry

Strawberry cupcakes, one of the best cupcake flavors

A strawberry or raspberry cupcake is perhaps one of the most refreshing and delicious bites out there. In fact, this is true with any berry inside cupcakes. The batter and berry seem to contrast perfectly, with both texture, flavor, and even appearance! Seeing the leaked color of the berries in your cupcake batter is a delicious sight you wouldn’t want to miss!

6. Lime Rose

best cupcake flavors

If you like lemon cupcakes, then I guarantee you’re going to love lime rose cupcakes. Lime and rose is a truly heavenly combination no one should miss out on. I can also honestly say that lime rose cupcakes are amongst the cupcakes with the best presentation, especially when it comes to the color clash of lime wedges and rose petals.

5. Rose Coconut

top 10 cupcake flavors

Similar to lime rose, rose coconut is also amongst the best of the best cupcake flavors, both in look and taste! My personal favorite decoration is to cover the icing in shredded coconut and top it off with a rose petal or two. I use a secret formula when it comes to my rose coconut cupcakes, which is what gives them an unreal taste. The ultimate secret is to add a little bit of rosewater (about a teaspoon or two) into the cupcake batter, as well as the frosting. If you’re a fan of the authentic taste of rosewater, or perhaps a coconut lover, this flavor is your best choice!

4. Apple Cinnamon

apple cinnamon cupcakes

One of my personal favorite flavors is apple cinnamon, a well-known combination in the baking world! The apple cinnamon duo is best known in pastries, but little did you know that it tastes even better in a cupcake! The key is to use small chunks of apple in the batter, that way you can taste the real flavor and texture at the same time! Apple cinnamon is your perfect flavor if you love rich tastes that are full of different flavors.

3. Pistachio Rosebud

pistachio rosebud cupcakes

Easy to say that this is one of the top three most flavorful and most popular cupcake flavors in today’s list. Originally from Persia, “Cake Yazdi” is a delicious cupcake with rich flavors of cardamom and rosewater embedded throughout the batter and topped with a rosebud to complete the authenticity of this delicious treat.  No matter your taste, this flavor is a must-try for everyone out there!

2. Chocolate

chocolate cupcakes, amongst top 10 cupcake flavors

An all-time favorite flavor, from corner to corner of the world, chocolate cupcakes cannot be replaced! I personally love chocolate cupcakes since they can be paired with other flavors very easily. For example, my Chocorose cupcakes are a mix of Belgian chocolate and rosewater, which are just too yummy to be real! You can pair chocolate with most flavors, both in the batter and frosting. If you’re a chocolate fan like most of us are, there’s no doubt about going for some delicious chocolate cupcakes.

1. Vanilla

vanilla cupcakes

And finally, speaking of all-time classics, we’ve reached the end of the top 10 cupcake flavors, finishing on the most popular and loved of all, vanilla. Because of how popular it is, vanilla happens to be such an underrated flavor! One great thing about vanilla cupcakes is that they will go perfectly with almost any frosting you can think of! After all, it would be rude not to give the number one spot on the list to a flavor that is the foundation of all baking!


It looks like we’ve reached the end of our list of the top 10 cupcake flavors! Which is your favorite? Let me know down below in the comments, and let’s see which flavor wins the ultimate battle decided by you.

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