Refreshing Mix


Reunited with Raspberry and Strawberry mixed with rosewater aroma, a good combination for feeling refreshed

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Refreshing Mix Assorted Box

The Refreshing Mix Assorted Box is a combination of three different flavors. Pinkberry, Roseberry along with Pistachio Rosebud.

Pinkberry is a strawberry cupcake with rosewater buttercream, a fresh strawberry and grated chocolate on top. This cupcake is a good choice for strawberry lovers specially that we use fresh Australian strawberries for baking Pinkberry. Furthermore, strawberry and rosewater make a delicious and mouthwatering combination. Our Pinkberry cupcake also has a hint of ground cardamom in the batter. Moreover, the buttercream frosting has a hint of rosewater.

The Roseberry cupcake is another family member of Refreshing Mix Assorted Box. In fact it is a fresh raspberry cupcake. We frost this cupcake with rosewater buttercream and a fresh raspberry on top. This flavorful cupcake is not only very moist and fluffy but also delicious. Undoubtedly, fruits and spices can make lovely combinations; raspberry and a hint of cardamom is one of them!

The Pistachio Rosebud cupcake in Refreshing Mix Assorted Box is a combination of cardamom and rosewater garnished with fresh chopped pistachio topped with an edible rosebud. This cupcake is our signature product and has the strongest aroma among all of our cupcakes.

The Refreshing Mix Assorted Box is a perfect choice for any events and gatherings like afternoon tea parties, corporate meetings, graduation parties or even for sending one to someone who is special to you!

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