Orange Blueberry


Tempting, natural, lowered in sugar, zesty and rich in flavour

Layer cake


Orange Blueberry Cake is conspicuously gorgeous option if you desire having some zesty flavour. We use fresh Blueberry in this cake as well as orange zest and fresh juice. Unquestionably the mixture of rosewater and orange is what everyone admires in this cake.

Like all other products that we offer, we do not use any edible or food colour with this cake. With Orange Blueberry we not only do not use food colours but also we use beetroot organic powder to dye the cake. In fact this cake is little sugared and instead you can taste the flavour of fresh orange juice mingled with rosewater. 

Moreover the cream cheese between the three sponge layers of this cake is something that make it more and more delectable.

This is an 7 inches cake with three layers of cake sponge, and it serves 16-22 people easily.

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