Black Forest Cake


Distinctive cherry flavour mixed with chocolate and soft whipped cream

Layer cake


Black Forest Cake is in fact a delicious and perfect combination of chocolate cake, cherries and whipped cream. This cake is originally a classic several layered German cake named Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. The name of this cake is coming from Kirsch alcohol that is made from sour cherries from the Black Forest mountain in south Germany.

For many reasons this is a die-for cake. Moist chocolate layers, soft and fluffy whipped cream and fresh cherry on the top of the cake. Depends on the availability of the fresh cherry we use them to make the cake.

We brush the chocolate layer cakes with cherry liquor to follow the original recipe. In fact this is an adult cake because of the alcohol use in that, we can make it without alcohol as well, so if you want all your family to enjoy this delicious cake you can make a note while you are putting your order so we do not use alcohol in baking this cake.

This is an 8 inches cake, that serves 16-22 people easily

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