Persian Love Cake – Raspberry Rosewater GF


Revive the fresh taste of raspberry with rosewater and pistachio


Persian Love Cake Raspberry is a combination of raspberry with cardamom and rosewater along with citrusy flavour. The raspberry not only has lots of benefits but also it leaves a refreshing hint of sourness and sweetness in your mouth.

What’s great with Persian Love Cake Raspberry

The infused lemon rosewater syrup helps the cake not only to be delicious but also moist. In addition we use beetroot powder to create a natural colour for the cake. We decorate the cake with dried edible rose petal and chopped pistachio on the top of the cake. These two add extra flavour and aroma to this heavenly taste cake.

You can keep this cake fresh up to 5 days if you put it in an airtight container.

Size: 7 inches diameter and 3 inch height, serving size 8-10 persons

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