Pistachio Rosebud

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Heavenly taste of rosewater, cardamom and pistachio garnish, a choice of elegance



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Classic cupcake choice, Pistachio Rosebud

Pistachio Rosebud is the signature product of Azidelicious cupcakes. This classic cupcake is in fact a modified recipe which has it’s root in the culture and tradition of Persia. Basically, this simple but still very delicious cupcake is one of the most delicious cupcakes that one must try in life. In fact, “Cake Yazdi” which is the traditional sort of this cupcake has the original recipe. This cupcake is very popular in Persia for it’s nutrition benefits since many years ago.

The first thing that you will realise with this classic cupcake is it’s aroma. The fragrance of pure and organic rosewater is what you will be surprised by. In Azidelicious we use organic pure rosewater supplied from one of the best rose gardens’ regions of the world, Kashan. Less amount of sugar we use in our batter is another benefit associated with this classic cupcake. Most of the recipes they use one full cup of sugar for a dozen cupcakes. In Azidelicious we have decreased this nearly to half of a cup.

And the last but not the least is the rosebud on the top of the Pistachio Rose Bud cupcake. This rosebud is edible and can be dropped into a cup of tea. Also could be placed into a pot of tea to give it’s heavenly flavour to your tea as well.

Benefit of rosewater

Pistachio Rosebud is really a healthy treat option as for it’s ingredients, so it is also good to understand more about benefits associated with rosewater as one of the main ingredients used in this classic cupcakes.

Soothes skin irritation
Soothes sore throats
Reduces skin redness
Helps prevent and treats infections
helps digestion
Contains antioxidants
Heals cuts, scars, and burns
Enhances mood
Relieves headaches

This cupcake is a very suitable choice for events, birthdays and wedding parties.  It is a very good complementary with an afternoon tea or coffee as well. Also, For those who prefer to have a delicious treat without having icing or frosting Pistachio Rose bud is a perfect choice.

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1 review for Pistachio Rosebud

  1. peter.sami12

    tasty with out even having icing

    • Azi Daniali

      This classic cupcake recipe is very old and we have the inspiration from a traditional sweet from Iran that called ” CAKE YAZDI”, it is delicious and as you mentioned it is delicious and tasty

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