Persian Vanilla

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Enriched vanilla taste topped with rosewater buttercream frosting, an unforgettable experience



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Vanilla cupcake is one of the most wanting cupcakes every where in the world. In fact the vanilla flavored treats are nearly the most requesting treats and sweets. Maybe this is the reason there are many different recipes for vanilla cupcakes around. Vanilla cupcake recipes are different and their tastes vary mainly based on the type and the amount of vanilla used in each batter.

In the same way vanilla combination with many other flavors results in delicious and tasty treats. For example mixture of vanilla and rosewater is one of those unique taste. If you have a dozen of this cupcake it is nearly hard to resist not having all at once. In fact you will have deliciousness, beauty and a naturally scented dessert. What else one can expect more! Moreover the light buttercream frosting on the top of cupcake complete this joy.

Persian vanilla cupcake is suitable for different occasions. Children they mostly love the taste of vanilla. The combination with rosewater makes this cupcake a suitable choice for adults as well. It is not only suitable for kids’ birthday parties but also wedding ceremonies, high-tea parties and even formal meeting and corporate events. Do not miss to get refreshed during a business meeting.

If you have a small gathering and you prefer to have different choices for your guests you can have Azidelicious Delicate box or Afternoon treat assorted box which give you a chance to try some other tasty cupcakes like Rose coconut , Pistachio Rosebud or Lemon rose along with your vanilla cupcakes.

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2 reviews for Persian Vanilla

  1. natali.1981ad

    It was very tasty. I will order again

  2. peter.sami12

    Such a perfect combination between vanilla and rosewater

    • Azi Daniali

      Truely it is, exotic and delicious :)-

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