Carrot Walnut Cake


A sweet, moist and spicy cake, full of grated carrots and toasted nuts, covered in cream cheese buttercream frosting

Layer cake


Carrot Walnut Cake is a sweet, moist and spicy cake. It is full of grated carrots and walnuts in and on the top of the cake. Besides the cake is covered in cream cheese buttercream. In addition to the walnut inside the cake, the toasted walnut on the top of cake make you enjoy the crunchiness of walnut with any bite of it.

As well as sugar that makes this cake sweet, carrot also add a mild sweetness to the flavour of this cake. It is a three layer cakes that has cream cheese buttercream between each layers. A mixture of  spices including cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg make it a unique fragranced cake.


Azidelicious Carrot Walnut Cake is suitable for different occasions such as birthday parties or family gatherings. It serves 14-20 people.

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