Persian Gold

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Be luxurious with the heavenly taste of saffron and spicy cinnamon, fragranted by rosewater and cardamom

Assorted Box


Persian Gold is truely what that can save you a trip cost to The Middle East to taste some of the most delicious treats of the world. This Assorted box includes three different flavours, four of each in a box of dozen cupcake.

In this box Pistachio Rosebud is the cupcake suitable for those who prefer less sugar and stronger flavour. Delish Cinnamon cupcake is also a moist spice cupcake with cream cheese frosting and diced apple inside. The Saffron fiesta cupcake is a combination of Saffron, Cardamom and rosewater where it’s flavour will enchant your tastebuds.

This box includes

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1 review for Persian Gold

  1. Phoebe Li (verified owner)

    A box of gorgeous cupcakes. The cream is so smooth, and the rose buds smell so good

    • Azi Daniali

      Thanks again for such a feedback, I am extremely happy that I can make other happy with my products

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