2 Tier white wedding cake

The Ultimate Guide To Ordering Your Wedding Cake

Are you getting married anytime soon? Well, on top of all the things on your to-do list before the wedding, you definitely can’t forget to order a wedding cake. There is no doubt that the pre-wedding jitters are real, and so you need all the help you can get. Here are a few things you must know before ordering your wedding cake.

Origin of the Wedding Cake

To start, wedding cakes were first introduced in ancient Rome. They weren’t anything like the kind of cakes you see today; they were something more like barley bread. The wedding ceremony at that time concluded with the groom breaking a loaf of bread over his wife’s head…crazy, right? Basically this meant that the woman’s chastity has ended and now she has entered a new era of life as a wife.

Medieval England was also introduced to the idea of the wedding cake where the bride and groom would kiss under a tower made of stacks of cake.

Today however, it’s more of a theme approach where the brides gets to choose from a sea of options, such as the Persian cake or the 3-tier cake.

Types of Trendy Wedding Cakes

If you’re a trendsetter yourself, then finding a great wedding cake trend that suits your décor and maybe even your wedding dress can be a smart way to spice things up. Here are some of the current best world-wide trending wedding cakes:

  1. White Wedding Cakes

White wedding cakes are perfect if you are planning a white themed or minimal wedding. White is also a classic colour and it is a good choice of colour for a classic celebration of your union with your loved one. There is also a sense of peace you get with a white-coloured cake.

2. Persian Wedding Cake

This is another highly trending choice at the moment which many couples who like extic treats are choosing for their special day. A Persian cake isn’t necessarily concerned with the shape or the size, but is mpre focused on the heavenly combination of flavors and ingredients inside the cake. Such a cake will traditionally have ingredients including rose water, rose petals, saffron, and other exotic Persian ingredients. These aromatic choices add a special touch to the flavours of the cake and it ends up with a special experience for the guests to enjoy.

If your theme is Persian-based or if you’re just a fan Persian flavours like us, this is the perfect trend to try for your wedding day!

3. Rustic Wedding Cake

This special type of cake has been trending for a while and involves a simple cake with a basic yet delicious filling. If you love all things rustic, why not choose a gorgeous rustic wedding cake? Also, if you are choosing a country theme and having your party in an outdoor setting, then such a cake would be an amazing idea!

A rustic cake needs to be trusted in expert hands. Don’t mistake this type of cake for it’s simple look and think it doesn’t have much to offer, because what’s inside will leave you and your guests wanting more.

4. White Chocolate Buttercream

Some combinations will never go out of style, and one of them for sure is chocolate and buttercream. These flavours are amazingly good for any kind of party, including a wedding of course. No further explanation needed!

Leaving Your Wedding Cake in Good Hands

You should always compare and contrast before buying. If you are choosing an online cake supplier, make sure to have a look at their previous works before you place an order. You want your wedding to be perfect and you want your cake to be just as perfect too right? 

Personalizing your cake

Whether you are choosing a rustic wedding cake or a different design, you want your cake to be personalised to your taste and likings. 

At Azidelicious we offer full customization of your cake to make sure it is exactly what you’re dreaming of!

How far in advance should you order? 

This is another eternal question that is part of the wedding crises: when to book your wedding cake?

The best time to do this is roughly 6 months before the wedding. But you don’t always have to be so early and organized, things might be difficult at times, and that’s fine! If you have planned your wedding for the next 2 or three months for example, then you can’t order that early! That is where Azidelicious comes to save the day! Order your wedding cake as late as two weeks in advance and we’ve got you covered!

The wedding cake is such a special part of the proceedings. Choosing the right cake can add a lot of glamour to your special day. At Azidelicious, we are dedicated to get beautiful rustic wedding cakes, or any other type of cake of your choice and pick the one that suits your fancy. Come and create your own cake from scratch now!