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Orange Walnut Cake

Baked with only natural ingredients, you will remember the taste of this cake for a long time

Persian Gold

Be luxurious with the heavenly taste of saffron and spicy cinnamon, fragranted by rosewater and cardamom

Persian Vanilla

Enriched vanilla taste topped with rosewater buttercream frosting, an unforgettable experience


Tasty, moist, loaded with fresh strawberry and rosewater buttercream frosting

Pistachio Rosebud

Heavenly taste of rosewater, cardamom and pistachio garnish, a choice of elegance

Red Velvet

Naturally coloured, smooth in texture and delicate

Red Velvet

Light texture, slight chocolate flavor and rosewater aroma, topped with cream cheese frosting

Refreshing Mix

Reunited with Raspberry and Strawberry mixed with rosewater aroma, a good combination for feeling refreshed

Rose Coconut

A flavorful, moist coconut cupcake with rosewater fragrance topped with fluffy coconut buttercream frosting