Authentic Persian taste with rosewater and cardamom, sesame garnish on top



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Would you like to make it GF?


Sesame Cupcake is in fact a healthy and authentic choice if you have a crave for a cupcake and you prefer not having icing. Sesame can be added as an ingredient to bread, patisseries to create flavour as well as texture. In addition, we use less sugar so this cake is a suitable choice for other prefer a less sweet treat.

This cupcake is soft and the fragrance mix of rosewater and cardamom is the first thing you will enjoy with a bite of that.

Azidelicious Sesame Cupcake comes in a box of dozen. However, you can order smaller size of it in a mini cupcake, a single delicious bite. This cupcake is a very good complementary sweet with a cup of tea.


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