Saffron Fiesta


A perfect saffron and cardamom taste with rose aroma, a classical Persian treat



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Saffron Fiesta cupcake is the most premium type of a cupcake that you can try. The use of Saffron in Persian culinary and baking has a long history. Azidelicious use premium quality saffron for baking Saffron cupcakes. This cupcake is most and soft in texture and have rosewater butter cream on the top.

Rosewater and Saffron mixture also is a must try if you have not been lucky yet to do it. This cupcake is a very suitable gift if you want to show somebody how important she or he is to you.

By ordering this cupcake online, you can have a dozen of this that comes in a box. Alternatively you can have an order of 24 mini Saffron Cupcake or taste this in Persian Gold Assorted box.

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    Good afternoon. Thank you…Love your blog!

    • Azi Daniali

      No worries, it is a pleasure when it comes to usefulness of such articles

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