Gluten Free Saffron Persian Love Cake


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Gluten Free Saffron Persian Love Cake is a fluffy and moist cake that has cardamom, rosewater, saffron and citrus zest inside, in fact a truly delicious combination. The fresh citrus juice and zest creates a balance between sweetness and sourness.

The mix syrup of rosewater and fresh citrus juice makes the cake not only more moist but also more zinggy. The yellow saffron icing sugar make this cake looks naturally yellow with no need to any artificial colours.  We use Premium Persian saffron to bake this cake.

Pistachio and rose petal garnish make this cake a perfect Middle eastern desert. 

Gluten Free Saffron Persian Love Cake comes in 7 inches diameter and 3 inches height, easily serving 8-10 persons. You can also try Saffron Fiesta which has is a similar product to this cake in terms of flavour.

If you crave something good and a bit different from other thing that you can have in Adelaide, it is quite easy to jump to Azidelicious website and put an online order. We do have Adelaide cake delivery option that easily deliver a freshly baked product into your door step.

Size: 7 inches diameter and 3 inch height, serving size 8-10 persons

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