Lime Rose


Soft, moist, fluffy, zesty combined with rosewater


Lime Rose cupcake is one of the most delicious and aromatic cupcakes of Azidelicious. Lime Rose cupcakes are in fact moist, fluffy and zesty, paired with rose cream cheese and garnished with fresh lime slices. These moist fluffy cupcakes are sure to please lime lover’s dream. The lime inside the batter helps to cut down some of the sweetness. As a result you will enjoy a balance between sweetness and sourness of this treat.

In Azidelicious we use fresh lime juice and we mix it in the batter to create this unique balance between sweetness and sourness. Also for the garnish we use again fresh lime slices that makes you feel refreshed when you have a bite of this cupcake.

These perfectly fluffy and beyond amazing cupcakes are suitable for any occasions, an afternoon treat or even for small parties.

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