White Chocolate Coconut GF


Fluffy, moist, melt-in-the-mouth, spongey and delectable


White Chocolate Coconut GF is a  7 inches round cake. This cake has gluten free white chocolate as icing. In addition sponge is a mixture of gluten free plain flour and almond flour. The shredded coconut adds the delicious flavour of coconut to this cake.

The hint of rosewater in White Chocolate Coconut GF sponge gives a mild and desirable delicate flavour to the cake. Rosewater mixture with both dark and white chocolate is a must try in fact. We decorate the cake icing with shredded coconut and rose petal as it create a beautiful contrast with white chocolate. The rose petals on the top of cake also leaves a nice aroma when mixed with the smell of white chocolate.

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