Gluten Free Chocolate Cake


Anything is good, if it’s made of chocolate


Our Gluten Free Chocolate Cake is a soft, moist and fluffy melt-in-the-mouth cake. Undoubtedly, chocolate cake is one of the most wanting desserts all around the world. This four layers cake has chocolate cream cheese frosting between each layers. In addition to that the chocolate cream cheese covers the whole cake as well. We use grated chocolate to garnish this simply delicious cake and we finish it with fresh blueberries. The brown and dark purple plump blueberries with pink rose petals make this cake a very elegant and classic look.

With the Gluten Free option now those with Gluten intolerance can easily enjoy the deliciousness of this wonderful cake. It worth to mention that using Gluten free flour does not affect the cake taste at all.

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