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Vegan cakes. Heard of them? Veganism is the new word of the street in 2022; and it’s just about time for you to hop on the trend if you already haven’t!

Veganism is an extreme form of vegetarianism, which dates back to 500 BCE; despite the name being made official in 1944. The concept of flesh avoidance was first introduced by the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras of Samos in 500 BCE. However, this concept also goes back to Indian and Mediterranean cultures. The idea was also believed in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.

In conclusion, all of the different beliefs have evolved to today where we call them “vegetarianism’ and “veganism”. In 2022, veganism is all around the world and is the new trend everywhere!

Here we will explain to you the reason behind vegan cakes price,  how to order vegan cakes in Adelaide; and some of the ingredient substitutes you need to know before starting your herbivore journey.

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