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Chocolate Strawberry

Strawberry cream cheese buttercream mingled with Belgian chocolate

Layered Persian Love Cake

Soft, delicate, buttery and in one word "Delicious"

Lemon Cake

Moist, fluffy with fresh and natural ingredients, a balance between sourness and sweetness

Natural Vanilla Celebration Cake

Soft, delicate, buttery and in one word "Delicious"

Red Velvet

Naturally coloured, smooth in texture and delicate

Can’t find a wedding cake in Adelaide? If you’re struggling too, then this guide is perfect for you! By the end of this text, we guarantee that you’ll know how to order the perfect celebration cake in Adelaide.

But first, why celebration cakes?

The Greeks, and the ancient Egyptians, were the ones who celebrated the birthdays of Gods and Goddesses. They would pay tribute by baking moon-shaped cakes with candles on top. The candles represented the light of the moon, and the cake represented the moon itself. Ever since, this became a custom, and it continues to evolve to this day.

Now to scope in a little closer, what was the first bakery in Adelaide and when was it established?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Balfours, established in 1853  is the oldest bakery not only in Adelaide, but in all of Australia!

Enough history talk for now, lets dive into some useful categories!

How much does it cost to order a wedding cake in Adelaide?

For a starter, cake prices vary depending majorly on and the size and material of the cake; as well as the amount of decoration and the materials used for decorating. Any special dietary requirements might also increase the price of your cake slightly.

The price of a wedding cake can be anywhere from around $150 to $2000 and even more solely depending on the diameter and height of your cake. Celebration cakes also come in number of different layers and tiers depending on how many people your looking to serve.

Aside from size, the cakes material and decorations have a huge impact on the price too. Ingredients inside the cake like nuts, fruits, or high quality chocolates increase the price. Decorations are the same too; fresh flowers, decoration flowers, nuts, chocolates and fruits make the cake more expensive.

Lastly are dietary requirements like being gluten free and Vegan cakes cause the cake to be a higher price.

How to order a wedding cake in Adelaide

There are a few little steps you need to complete before ordering your celebration cake in Adelaide to make sure your on the right track:

  • Do a quick google search of the cake you want specifically mentioning your location (eg. Birthday cakes in Adelaide, wedding cakes near me…)
  • Visit different shops and look at the different cake models – If the chosen cake store doesn’t have a physical shop (like us), you can always look at their models and products on their website.
  • Set reasonable price budget after you’ve learnt a bit about the different prices.
  • Select your favourite store which suits your price budget and liking.
  • Finally select your favourite cake with the help of a consultant and place your order

Now let’s see how you can order your celebration cake with us!

  • Visit our wedding Cake page on our website and have a look through the available products.
  • If your looking for a custom cake, you can contact us on our Instagram and Facebook pages or  to speak with one of our friendly team members!
  • Finally, when you’ve chosen your cake you can easily place your order on our website!

How far in advance should I order for my wedding cake in Adelaide?

Generally you should order any cake 3-4 days before the delivery date; however, if your looking to order a custom cake you should place your order at least 2-3 weeks in advance. This is to give the people who are preparing you cake enough time to excel your custom design.

When ordering with us, we only require a one day notice for normal cakes and 3-4 day notice for celebration and custom cakes.

Celebrate naturally with us

Celebrating events properly is very important to us at Azidelicious. Whether it’s a birthday or a graduation party, baby shower, engagement party or anything else, our aim is to help the people of Adelaide celebrate these events with high quality and delicious cakes.

We are also health conscious as well and that is the reason that everything in our store is natural and edible colour free. Our natural cakes are nothing short of an art, and are certain to impress not just that particular someone, but also everyone else at your party. Our Layered Persian Love Cake or Two Tier orange Blueberry Cake are two famous best selling that can be described as divine.

Everything is quick and easy at Azidelicious. We’ve also simplified the ordering process to avoid the overly-complicated headaches that most bespoke cake businesses in Adelaide demand. So instead of searching for bakery shops near me, bakery cakes near me, or a cake shop in Adelaide and travelling to pick and purchase your cake, you can do it all on our online store in under two minutes.