A layer Cake is a multiple stacked sheets of cakes. Normally cake bakers use different types of frosting or filling to stick these layers together.

Obviously there are many different types of layer cakes available on the market. However in Azidelicious you have the choice of ordering preservative and edible color free layer cakes. Moreover, we have several flavours such as chocolate, lemon, carrot walnut, red velvet and Black Forest. We particularly only use only natural ingredients for baking our cakes.

Our Layer Cakes are suitable for different purposes such as ceremonial occasions, birthday parties, anniversaries and some times small weddings.

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Chocolate Strawberry

Strawberry cream cheese buttercream mingled with Belgian chocolate

Layered Persian Love Cake

Soft, delicate, buttery and in one word "Delicious"

Lemon Cake

Moist, fluffy with fresh and natural ingredients, a balance between sourness and sweetness

Red Velvet

Naturally coloured, smooth in texture and delicate