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Persian Love Cake – Cardamom Rosewater

Taste deliciousness and delicacy of a floral citrusy choice

Saffron Persian Love Cake

Fiercely original, purely authentic and made with love, grace and integrity

Apple Crumble Cake

Crunchy oat topping and apple filling and cinnamon flavor

Chocolate Rosewater Cake

Unique taste of chocolate mingled with rosewater

Almond Coconut Cake

Azidelicious signature product, super moist, melt-in-mouth and rich in taste

Almond Rosewater Cake

Sensation of crunchiness combined with rose fragrance

Black Forest Cake

Distinctive cherry flavour mixed with chocolate

Carrot Walnut Cake

A sweet, moist and spicy cake, full of grated carrots and toasted nuts, covered in cream cheese buttercream frosting

Chocolate Layer Cake

Indulge yourself with ultimate chocolate flavour

Chocolate Strawberry

Strawberry cream cheese buttercream mingled with Belgian chocolate

Do you have a birthday coming up soon; and you can’t find the right birthday cake? Yes, it can be difficult picking the right cake; but all it takes is a little time and research before you can find the perfect birthday cake in Adelaide! But before anything else, what’s the history of birthday cakes?

It’s said that the first birthday cake originated from Germany during the middle ages. The Germans would celebrate the children’s birthday with cake, calling the ceremony “kinder fest” rather than a “birthday”.

Cakes were originally a coarse, bread-like product that later evolved into a much sweeter version which we know today. In the 17th century the ideas of icing, layers, and decorations entered the cake industry. However, these types of cakes were only for the upper class because of how expensive ingredients were at the time.

In the 18th century, baking equipment became more affordable; causing the production of cakes to go up rapidly and the price to drop majorly.

Today, there are millions of designs and flavors for birthday cakes all around the world, and there are millions of different recipes and tips and tricks.

Let’s cut to the chase now that we’ve learned a little about birthday cakes and their past! Keep reading to get some tips around birthday cake in Adelaide!

How much does it cost to order a birthday cake in Adelaide

When talking about birthday cakes, the price range can be as low as $50 and as high as $500 and more. The price mainly depends on the size of your cake, the ingredients in your cake and the decoration of your cake.

Depending on how many people need to be served, birthday cakes come in different layers and tiers, with different widths and heights. For example, our lemon cake, is a three layer birthday cake that is 8 inches wide; perfect for 15-25 people. This number may not be exact, this is because the amount of people the cake serves depends on the thickness of each slice. If the slices are thick the cake will serve around 15 people; however if they are thin, the cake can serve up to 25 people.

Next to consider, are the birthday cake ingredients. Ingredients like berries, high quality chocolates, and nuts increase the price too. The best birthday cake shops in Adelaide use high quality and premium ingredients which causes their products to be more expensive.

Last on the list are decorations which usually bump up the price. Similar to the last paragraph, these decorations are usually premium chocolates, nuts, berries or flowers. At Azidelicious, a great example of a premium birthday cake is the chocolate strawberry cake, which has premium chocolate and high quality fresh strawberries! 

How to order a birthday cake in Adelaide

We’ve put together a small instruction list on how to order a birthday cake in Adelaide to make the whole process easier for you:

  • Do a google search using key words (eg. birthday cake delivery Adelaide, birthday cakes near me, online birthday cakes in Adelaide…)
  • Look at some cake models online, or visit the store and have a look at their models
  • Set a price budget after you’ve got an idea of the approximate pricing
  • Pick out the most convenient shop to buy from considering price and if you like the cake
  • If you can’t decide or you’re confused, you can always speak to a professional or someone from the shop to get some help
  • Finally once you’ve chosen your birthday cake, you can place your order online or in person!

With Azidelicious, all you have to do is look at our Birthday Cake page on our website and chose the cake you like along with a custom or set post card! And even if you’re confused; our friendly team members and operators are always there to give you a hand over the phone during business hours!

Birthday cake delivery Adelaide

Most stores offer birthday cake delivery in Adelaide; however, the delivery is associated with an extra cost. The delivery fee is based on how far your delivery location is from the store which may vary depending on the type of vehicle and the amount of products it is delivering.

Cake and cupcake delivery vehicles contain a fridge at the back which keeps the sweets cool; however the fridge is only necessary for cakes and other sweets which include frostings or fresh produce that may rot if not in the fridge.

Natural birthday party with us!

At Azidelicious, it is our priority to bring a smile on your face with our sweets. Your health is also very important to us; which is the reason all of our birthday cakes and other products are %100 natural!

With us, you have the choice to pick from a variety of different sizes, flavors and designs for your birthday! A fan favorite birthday cake is the Banana Caramel cake; a rich and thick caramel taste infused with yummy banana flavor! This cake is perfect for birthdays as it has enough space for as many candles as you need; and is a commonly loved flavor!

If you’re in Adelaide and are looking for a yummy, healthy and of course very pretty birthday cake, give it a go with Azidelicious and taste the difference!

Azidelicious is Adelaide’s first natural-based Birthday Cake Shop

It is simple to locate a birthday cake store in Adelaide. However, if you’re looking for an organic birthday cake provider, you won’t have many options. There are numerous cake businesses in Adelaide that specialise in custom-made cakes for birthdays and weddings. However, if you want something more natural, Azidelicious is one of the greatest birthday cake stores Adelaide has to offer.

In general, if you want to find different alternatives for birthday cakes around you, you may easily google words like birthday cakes southern suburbs Adelaide or the same sentence with eastern, western, and northern sections of Adelaide. Similarly, if you search for top birthday cake stores Adelaide, you will receive a number of different results. Because there are so many options, you may be confused as to which one to choose. In this situation, make sure to read the cake shop’s Google reviews to learn about other people’s experiences.

Birthday cakes with only natural ingredients

In fact, Azidelicious is the only provider who offers natural-based cakes in a variety of flavours. Azidelicious was founded in 2019 with the goal of providing something distinct and unique to Adelaide. Azi, the creator of an Adelaide online cake shop, feels that people are becoming more health conscious. “With industrialisation, we are not just adding preservatives and edible colours, but we are also degrading the flavours.”

Azidelicious cakes and cupcakes have a lot less sugar. Azidelicious cakes and cupcakes contain cardamom, rosewater, quality chocolate, beetroot powder, matcha, and a variety of other natural ingredients.

People use and consume edible colours without considering the negative consequences. With this in mind, Azi began her business by drawing inspiration from nature as well as traditional Persian baking.

Despite the fact that her store is online, she offers delivery within the Adelaide metropolitan region. with just one day’s notice of preordering any of her natural-based cakes and cupcakes

Frequency Asked Question About Birthday Cakes

The most demanded birthday cakes around the world are Vanilla Cakes and Chocolate cakes. It is a general question in fact and it depends on many different factors. For example, what age group are you going to have this birthday cake for? Is this going to be for a kid's birthday or an adult? In Adelaide cakes such as the classic Almond cake or Persian Love cake are among the best selling birthday cakes with us. Lemon Cake also is a very popular cake for birthday occasions.

A birthday cake in Australia and Adelaide can cost you between $50 to $250, depending on the size, the type of the cake and also the ingredients.

Chocolate cake is one of the most flavourful cakes all around the world. however this is wanted more by younger people, and others might not necessarily be into chocolate flavour and instead go for more classical tastes like Almond, coconut or choose a healthier options. Our Almond Coconut Cake is the most delicious and flavourful cake according to our customers.

Lemon, Chocolate and Vanilla are the most popular flavours that our customers inquire for birthday cakes in Adelaide.

It mainly depends on the ingredients; however it can cost you between $130 to $250 in Australia. Extra decoration also might increase the cost of the cake for you, like having fresh flowers.

This exactly depends on the serving size, by average cakes that can serve 20-30 people are the best size for birthday cakes.

Depending on the cut it can give you between 12 to 20 slices.

Our 6 inches cake can easily serve 8-10 people depending on how they are sliced. Our authentic cakes are mostly available in 6 inches.

The moment you cut a cake is best time to sing happy birthday all together and cheer everybody up to feel the joy.

A birthday card can be personalized to convey a love message or a birthday wish. At Azidelicious's online cake shop you can select your birthday card before proceeding to the checkout and also leave a personalized note.

Most of the time, we need two days in advance to receive and process your order. However we recommend to place your order as soonest as you can. Our platform normally allows you to place an order for next day although with more orders coming through it will automatically close the ability of placing orders and show you the next available time.

Yes. But only with natural ingredients. We use 100%  natural ingredients in all our products. We do not use any artificial colours at all.