Buttercream Frosting Tips And Tricks

Buttercream frosting is the most popular icing among bakers of all skill levels for cake filling and exterior covering. If you are a beginner cake maker you will find some very useful tip on buttercream here in this article. So you make sure you read this till the end. Buttercream frosting comes in a variety of flavours. We’ll go over butter-creams that are most often used and see how they differ and what they’re good for.

Most popular buttercream frosting

1. American Buttercream: Made with three simple ingredients.Vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and butter. The most popular flavour is vanilla, but you may choose any flavour you wish. It is great for cake decoration, filling between cake layers, and cupcake icing.

2. Swiss meringue buttercream:It’s creamy, retains its form, and has a lower sugar content than American buttercream. Swiss meringue buttercream is created using boiled egg whites, sugar, butter, and flavours such as vanilla and salt. It’s great for cake decorating, cake filling, and frosting.

3. Italian meringue buttercream: This silky, rich Italian meringue buttercream pipes beautifully. The components are the same as in Swiss buttercream, however it is produced by dripping sugar syrup into egg whites. It’s ideal for piping and cake decoration.

Before you begin, make sure your butter is at room temperature. Do not skip this, If you over-beat the buttercream, you can end up with bobbles. When the butter is ready, gradually add the powdered sugar, a little at a time. Remember to sift the sugar before using it. In most recipes, the sugar is equal to twice the amount of butter. I add the sugar until it reaches a light sweetness and so it has no effect on the final texture. A good buttercream recipe should have a creamy texture, rich buttery flavour, and be easy to spread or pipe onto cakes and cupcakes.

My buttercream frosting recipe does not contain any shortening and is only made with butter. I use natural flavours and colours to dye my buttercream frosting. To get more ideas on using natural ingredients for colouring butter-creams, it is worth visiting our website where you will find plenty of ideas on how we use buttercream in our cakes. 

Dye your buttercream naturally

In my buttercream recipes, I utilise different ingredients to bring out distinct colours. In my Layered Persian Love Cake, for example, I add beetroot powder. Strawberry powder is also a fantastic choice if you want to create a pale pinkish colour like my Natural Vanilla Celebration Cake. To achieve this colour, use 1-2 table spoons of beetroot powder while adding the powder sugar after having your butter mixed. 




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